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sharing vehicles brings new opportunities and challenges for automobile manufacturers, suppliers and mobile operators. With the growing use of shared cars, will the sales of ordinary cars be affected,

participants need to segment the market at the city level. For example, in Berlin, because of the taxi related regulations, the car sharing operation is convenient, but many players do not have the corresponding e-commerce platform. At the same time, Beijing is a middle income, densely populated city with a shared market of over $700 million. Mainly on the powerful electronic platform, Beijing is the most successful market, and a company can control the whole market.

in 2016, China, Europe and the United States share a liquidity market of close to $54 billion, and will continue to maintain growth rates in the future. Customer demand for self driving taxis or buses so-called roaming taxis or buses, 28% of the market is concentrated in the sparsely populated trial sites. China and the United States are two major markets for shared flows, respectively, $24 billion and $23 billion, each with a market share of more than 80%, while the European market is much smaller, only $6 billion.

status quo: path to platform player. Find ways to access the platform business and develop strategies to attract customer base.

station is on the thunder download station, looking for a relatively small download station, and then contact the webmaster, asked him to sell, because this type of download station, to have touched the thunder of the old webmaster, do a new but is to open the picture. Immediately by the thunder of the audit, the thunder Federation is now are required to flow and downloads, if we are to build a new station, to get traffic, it is very difficult, and when we directly buy others Xunlei station, you can directly obtain high flow and get the thunder flow technique.

automakers must identify future development strategies to counter the disruptive trends in the automotive industry:

just contact Wangzhuan, my advice is to buy a station, but also to buy a running website, do not be afraid of investment, more large investment, the profit that brings to you the more likely you want to invest 100 yuan to buy a station, get 500 yuan / day income, you don’t have a dream, you invest 10 thousand yuan a day to bring you 300 yuan investment, this is a very good investment, so dare to pay, but can not exceed the monthly earnings website.

do not buy the kind of occupation the seller’s site, but to find their own, but also actively consulting to ask each other to sell, because such owners are generally not selling station experience, or even could not find a good profit terminal, one-time give them thousands of pieces, they may feel the cheap, so very happy to help you buy a stop, must want to interview, because only when you face to face communication, can learn more things.

alternative path: using shared mobility as an indirect channel. Use shared mobility to ensure fleet emissions through electric vehicles, test new technologies or designs, and obtain access to customer data, as permitted by law.

We choose second types of

change path: prepare special vehicles. Strive to become the first to develop a dedicated vehicle, and with the shared mobile platform provider cooperation, rapid expansion and gain market share.

third station is leveraging the development of websites, such as some pictures on the banner of the flow station, these stations can also go to buy, such as cold forum, 150 thousand IP when the day, the master is our group, this natural flow station itself is very low, the flow is to rely on the banner of the webmaster is a good, even the ads are not willing to delete, he stood on the others to send an ad, he said that people made up is not easy, not to delete. Get the station with the flow of network traffic source, style is also a kind of website, we a new station through their review and recommendation is very difficult, but has been reviewed and recommended, then it is very easy, as long as we can keep update >


is our preferred search engine on the web, we are in search of some key words, find some trash very front rank, the content of the dumpster may have been collected, this kind of website is our purchase of choice, because others sell us at the same time, will tell us how to keep updated. How to exchange links and how to get the high rank high search volume, so buy is a real SEO station, we can directly through the station, access to first-line SEO skills, even after the top down, we have also mastered the experience, if it is to let people make a stand, and then sum up from this experience, may take half the time.

If you are a

, while sharing the mobile industry is still an emerging industry, investors are more interested in it, making its new participants in the company valuation has surpassed some of the larger manufacturers.

for developing countries, car sales in the next 15 years should not be affected. The impact of shared car liquidity on regional car sales in Asia is due mainly to the high utilization rate and high rate of substitution of shared vehicles. Research shows that shared mobility does not completely replace car ownership. In 2017, a McKinsey survey found that 67% of all American respondents enjoyed driving their own cars, while 63% were not interested in turning their vehicles into shared vehicles.

we see that there are two different paths to the future of shared mobility: by 2030, the industry may grow steadily in its current state, or it may become a completely different market. We believe that three factors will determine which scenario will come true: customer preferences, regulations, and technology.

The continuous development of


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