College students start 700 thousand years profit how do they do it Part And why are contrary to Da


opportunity, luck premise,

don’t pretend that success is all made by their own ability and cleverness, only acknowledge the good luck, so that we can make a more realistic assessment and decision making. – innovation company,

promotes guest culture and makes money

founder of the smart box Zhang Ming / salt technology contributing writer we are four college students, we started just two years, we opened two companies, we profit 700 thousand a year.

many successful people credited his success to good luck, had written "monitor" of the French writer Laroche Fraser C said, "just some of the great advantages of talent and can not create heroes, but also accompanied by luck". Edison, king of invention, said, "hard work and hard work are just necessary for success. Luck is the key."". The Tang Dynasty poet Luo Yin said, "when the universe Tongli, delivered to the hero of freedom".


in recent years, humans, especially young people, have entered the phase of "over sharing". With the popularity of smart phones, young people are more likely to capture content that can be shared at any time. A comical billboard, shape, etc

people who play with the main control board are basically creative customers, and they are a group of people who are not professional, regardless of sex and age, and are gathered together because of their common interests. In order to facilitate the promotion of customer culture, we have represented a large open source hardware brand Arduino in Italy. On the basis of it, we have developed our own master console brand openjumper. According to data released by the Data quest Inc in China, the main control board, the openjumper brand has reached third, the first and second place is very two domestic companies, regardless of the shipments from the company or the strength we can match, but this does not affect our products.

luck is a force that brings good luck and misfortune. In this world, success is the promise of luck. But what is good luck? Good luck is a good opportunity to meet at the right time or occasion. Opportunity is a favorable condition at a certain time.

with the development of college students and create customer groups to understand foreign information, in recent years, more and more people begin to understand this product, this is precisely the direction we have been trying to let more people know that a guest of this group, and what they do.

even better products can not be pushed out, but also a bunch of furnishings, want to succeed in making money, so that the company operates normally, promotion is necessary

said that the "word": luck, refers to the opportunity and opportunity; specifically, the so-called luck is in operation, the probability of a small, strong random, can not be calculated and can not control the situation, the result after the event is determined with someone guessing or personal circumstances, and there is unbelievable or completely impossible in reality under the background of the events.


that doesn’t sound true, does it? But it’s true. We rely on vendors to control the board of this niche market, earn the first 700 thousand in life, but also use the money to open second companies.

according to the traditional Noah · Webster’s dictionary, luck is "no purpose, not expected, and can not control" power, so that individuals, groups or events become better or worse". · Marx, an American writer, defined Guenter as "an event affecting one’s life and seemingly impossible to influence."".

so the premise of making money is good partners and good products, and salt technology writers think, with the first two samples also need good promotion. Only promotion can achieve your product, no matter what kind of product it is.

Li, miraculous things, what is what, and what? We try to explore some examples from

promotion is the last word,

these "successful" will be attributed to luck speech, the traditional cognition and is contrary to the God helps those who help themselves. ".


so what’s luck,

Socrates puts forward, "luck is the shadow of opportunity."". We wish to see Miranda · Kerr CEO fiance created the kingdom of Snapchat.

salt technology writer has always stressed that we are a guest culture, we are promoting this culture. The main thing to play in a movie is the master board. Understand the main control board knows that this thing is equivalent to the brain of the machine, the computer switch CPU, it can control home appliances and lamps, the main control board in China is very early, but not many people know about it.

in the domestic main control panel field, openjumper brand influence has reached third, the first and second are two very strong domestic companies.

Abstract: Traditional Chinese Yin and Yang notes that creating luck is a skill and an attitude towards the life you control. You just have to make a specific change in your behavior, and you can attract more good luck.

is one of our founder, CTO now, has a very deep understanding of the main control board. So after our first pioneering project, the educational robot was suspended, we began to call the shots. Because our engineer, in 2007 before the start on the main control board, and a lot of people know that the main control board is after 2007.

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