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, the risk of investment in the "Internet" company by Internet related companies classified, regardless of their own industry the investment of $7 billion 100 million in 2013, is the largest amount of investment in the year after the Internet bubble.

if you look around the latest market value of billions of dollars in the company, you will find that most of their marketing have not reached the height of traditional marketing, on the contrary, they use a new way of thinking, observing every activity, so as to achieve the real purpose of promoting business growth. This "full concentration", unlike the "time marketing" taught by business schools, is the key to success, such as the companies that are becoming a rising superstar today: Square, Uber, Airbnb. They have a common name called "growth hacking" growth hacker".

recently, these three approaches have been experiencing a boom in their investment activities. According to the PWC MoneyTree report, venture capital grew by more than 57% in the first quarter of 2014, the largest increase since the peak in 2001. Similarly, according to SeedInvest’s report, the size of angel investment has grown from $950 thousand in the first quarter of 2013 to $1 million 200 thousand in the first quarter of 2014. And the market for all chips is growing, with estimates that the money raised by the online platform grew from $5 billion in 2013 to $10 billion in 2014.

thanks to all the chips, entrepreneurs have more ways to finance. The chips are an innovative form of online money raising for the public. Since the enactment of the Jobs bill, this new phenomenon of investment has become more and more popular and has become a veritable tool for start-ups to finance.

industry preference

I saw a trend in Silicon Valley, as early as 2010, he proposed the "growth hacking growth hackers" way to express, and traditional marketing personnel between them, and also a group of experts in the start-up company in order to increase the result oriented difference. These so-called growth hackers come from a variety of backgrounds, including marketing, sales and engineering. They do not have so much professional background and training, they can achieve later success, the emphasis is on their cultivation methods. Growth hackers removes the traditional marketing function and simply focuses on the company’s user base or revenue growth.

entrepreneurs understand the investment behavior of each financing source is very important, including the ways of industry preference, at what stage of investment, exit time and cost, their added value, and the degree of control of enterprises, so as to understand how to meet the financing needs of enterprises in different stages.


the real magnet for a growth hacker is growth, testing whether your company is highly creative and highly analytical, so that you can make real changes. That’s why, regardless of your position, background, or company’s size, as long as you adopt the right mindset and approach, growth hacker can help your business grow.

angel investors annual investment start-up funds reached billions of dollars annual investment of about 6 enterprises of 20 billion U.S. dollars, according to the SeedInvest report, 2014 science and technology industry has experienced the largest trading volume, accounting for about 37% of the total amount of transactions.

in the different stages of start-ups, angel investment and venture capital, or VCs, constitute the main source of financing, but now the situation is that all chips are developing rapidly in the company’s financial sector.

in Silicon Valley, a long hidden secret is now beginning to be revealed.

obviously, you can’t learn it from books. The content of the book is too fast and will soon become common knowledge, which will weaken your advantage. However, that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore them. Through reading, you can learn the basic knowledge of location, user psychology and so on. Make good use of these resources

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below is a simple analysis of the investment behavior of three sources of funds.

said so much, in fact, is to say that you should not just fall into the trap of "growth hack" and its terms. The important thing is not the terminology, but the real mastery of the core idea. Our real focus is on business growth rather than marketing. This requires a realistic, systematic strategy of sustainable development, innovation and creativity. Of course, this does not mean that you have a sense of self – concern about your branding or public relations. You need to connect your product to the target market and achieve growth as fast as possible.

Abstract: entrepreneurs understand the investment behavior of each financing source is very important, including the ways of industry preference, at what stage of investment, exit time and cost, their added value, and the degree of control of enterprises, so as to understand what kind of way to meet the enterprises in different stages of financing demand.

funding is no longer a problem for entrepreneurs, but the question is how to get them from angel investors, venture capitalists, and investors.

this shows that, compared to other start-ups, such as real estate, whether it’s angel investment or wind >

so how do you implement this new approach? Where do you need to find ideas and Inspirations to promote business growth?

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