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high-profile do Wangzhuan, it is about the difficulties never retreat, to solve, have good Wangzhuan full implementation, 100 percent, after the title you are unable to get up after a fall, unyielding, in a word, confidence, work hard, and to fully implement, persevere, vow to Wangzhuan bigger and stronger.

Taobao rebate website,

high-profile do Wangzhuan, low-key person, one after another, personally think that is right. Union money time is the end of the month and at the beginning of the month, many students gathering, I am very happy. I asked them to send payment sent to me, one by one, I say to you, make the forum billion figure collection about it, you can be excited by. As a result, most of them say, "do not send", you can receive money, the teacher knows, you can, and do not send a low profile. And several students, until I asked him, he said the collection. OK, making money is good, low key is right.

customer rebate website at first can earn some profit, but with the advent of Taobao large rebate program, the rebate website is like group purchase websites, blossom everywhere, a small website, how many people dare to get the rebate, CCTV day propaganda phishing sites has been deeply rooted in the hearts of people online are very careful, CCTV recently "public service", so many people even Taobao are not assured, which dare on other sites to log in to your Taobao account, if one day his account is stolen, the first thought is your website, if Taobao give you lost a single, what do you take to the rebate,

can Taobao make money?

previously heard that Taobao lost the single passenger, disorderly change Taobao customers to promote ID and so on, but did not do Taobao customers, not encountered, can not just evaluation, but now Taobao has been too much, Taobao off site has lousily, Ali mother can give up part of Taobao, because Taobao company’s threshold is too low so, much later, have to say Taobao’s operation method is very powerful, as long as the master of the personal webmaster, do not need to collect what sh419, a lot of personal webmaster risking sh419 letter, still doing their own Taobao guest website, many service providers provide free space, free program help you build Taobao off site, wondering what the map

does Taobao do it or not?

In fact, Taobao


customers think making money is not so simple, Chinese do what will rush on like a swarm of hornets saturated the market, and a thousand times website, eventually flow to Taobao, unless your website is very distinctive, otherwise will increase the return rate of Taobao, Taobao customer connection from the initial promotion, succession do the dead Sina blog, battlefield turned to self personal website, jump connection, JS connection with one by one, just to be able to let sh419 successfully included, API launch is accelerating the Taobao website sh419 search to see, the death of hundreds of thousands of pieces of information, title are exactly the same, sh419 included hundreds of thousands a day the search results, the roots are not you, what does that mean? So Taobao passengers also need energy to maintain, and is not a person to do a Taobao 10 to put off site Just wait for the money,

do not publish your website or domain name, do Wangzhuan, this is the unspoken rule. Often someone will ask me, one after another, you can look at the web site to make money? I feel shy, I never said any of my website, this is the unspoken rule. You tell each other, will undoubtedly reveal their cards. Of course, I don’t mean that all the people who ask are in an unhealthy state of mind, but doing so can cause many security risks. Even if people don’t understand Wangzhuan I never told him. I cite a simple example, shlf1314 website to hang Adsense advertising? You give station to friends, because he knows you do Wangzhuan, you know on the website make money, open your site, see your Adsense advertising on the station, good friends will help you, I I I little, tomorrow I also point a little.

December 15, 2010, the Ali Mama day Taobao customer payment settlement, Taobao customer expectations, waiting for labor remuneration, ready to take the FB, but a thunderbolt news does give Ali mother Tao guest Ali mother large-scale a head-on blow, frozen Taobao customer account Commission, immediately the mom in a hubbub in the forum, denounced his Commission

and a man, I think, or some good low-key, especially we do Wangzhuan brothers. The gun fight bird ah, have a clear understanding of their own, to know the mountains there, some people outside, this Wangzhuan water is very deep, don’t think you are very cow, in fact, you are a network of migrant workers, you do not arrive at a certain height, you never know. That is how small.


Taobao’s own business model is very good, and if you go to operate carefully, it must be profitable

? !

don’t show off your collection and publish your income. Don’t let yourself get the flowers and applause that others admire for you, but it will cause you a lot of trouble. You will therefore bring a lot of small window you can find resources to approach, but you really don’t want to play for, and the result is that you waste a lot of time, angry with each other to leave, my heart also scolded, what. You have to understand is that in the present society, the phenomenon is very serious, who including the rich have no things including material and spiritual, they will not consciously to hate those people, if there is a chance, they will take this psychological turn into action. If in reality he might not be able to get you, and on the Internet, he may be very easy to achieve this goal, how easy is not to say, in order to avoid abetting those intentions of the people.


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