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3 years ago, Pan Hao, founder of silicon technologies in Shenzhen, was chosen on the cover of Forbes’s Chinese version because of 30/30, thus making the word "hit guest" popular in china.

launched fourth consecutive years, to promote and guide Chinese young people entrepreneurship innovation

this year 30 young entrepreneurs from O2O, game, wearable, intelligent manufacturing, networking, media, Internet, financial software almost all entrepreneurial hot, including pension services, design, and some new share economy.

Chen Xiang half past six active in a number of short video platform hilarious Mini play

Forbes Chinese version released in 2015, China’s 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 list 30, Under, 30. For fourth years, Forbes’s Chinese edition and American edition have sought and found the best young entrepreneurs in their respective countries to promote and guide the rising tide of entrepreneurship among young people in china.

Shen Napeng, Sequoia China Zhenge fund Xu Xiaoping, GGV capital, Tong Shihao Xu Chuansheng, head of technology partners Chen Danian, IDG Li Feng, Tu Hongchuan, highland light China Cao Darong, Wang Huai and other linear capital as the 30/30 tutor selection.

"hit off" has been written into this year’s two sessions of the government work report, entrepreneurship innovation was Li Keqiang as "new normal" under China’s economic growth, "one of the two engines".

3 years ago, the list of participants absorbed Premier Li Keqiang as its "guest" honorary member

goddess alliance, one side of the short video team that turns micro-blog knows

Why does

used to like to see "packaging", but now it depends on "content" and "real personality"…… The more diversified, and now more can be more personality, more prominent features won the user’s favorite. The popularity of reality show, allowing users to more clearly known as "distant" stars ", but will also be portrayed" stars to a more realistic situation, with the real side to win more "heart" fans.

20 years later, the good appearance of actor because there is no good acting only to attract a group of poor appearance of the idiotic anthomaniac powder, also can attract the users all over the world pursued with acting…… An age that emphasizes content,

The Among the 30 young entrepreneurs this year, 13 are from Beijing, with obvious advantages, mostly from Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hangzhou.

this year on the Forbes Chinese version of the cover, Zhou Wei is the founder of Shenzhen music world Technology Co. Ltd., the former China University robot contest, after a series of industrial robots in the field of entrepreneurship, chose the somatosensory function of the intelligent car travel "robot" as a breakthrough, and has established >

Beijing has obvious advantages, almost half of the selected participants, and the rest mainly from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou

‘s 2015 30/30 ushered in a whole new phase. If, for the past three years, we have been looking for innovators and insurgents in the original commercial soil, this year we have seen the architects of a beautiful new world.

. Among them, 3 female entrepreneurs were selected. Of these, 5 were born after 90, the youngest in 1993.

20 years ago, in the people on the screen have a good appearance can be easily captured people’s favorite, the good man played a positive role, crooked melon split date people playing the villain, watching TV is never good, bad guys succeed eventually frustrated the final victory suffered a crushing defeat on the screen is single, this. The first simple way.

team is famous creation, singles in the street threw a goddess, the slogan is breaking up couples live male characters, the goddess iPhone to seduce the couples live crowd reaction…… All kinds of, pregnant with sorrow, then there is the goddess of the streets Drunk Test passers reaction shots, cause to spread the social networking platform is obviously: This is the most revealing of human nature, a very short time, a crowd of curious, entertainment, occasionally think in one way, in the eyes, has been very is a short video in one of the successful examples of entrepreneurship.

talk about short video startups? Go ahead, talk about a bunch of "bullshit", just to draw a point: real, material image, is the existence of modern competition. For short video start-ups in this large area, entrepreneurs who want to cultivate, to succeed, nothing more than this path.

, the founder of the firewood fire space in Shenzhen, hosted Prime Minister Li Keqiang at the end of last year, and successfully invited the prime minister to become an honorary member of "Chuang Cheng".


WeChat public number one

removed from the WeChat public number > short-sighted

this is a short video for having heard it many times entrepreneurial success stories, often appear in the short video platform, but in space, the comedy mini series, a new story often with scripts, familiar with the development of unexpected, relaxed, humorous, interesting, and most important, in line with the current at the network of young people mentality, cock shaped, filamentous, self deprecating occasionally to warm the world is full of love……

from O2O, games, wearable, intelligent manufacturing, Internet of things, media, Internet banking, software and other nearly all hot areas of entrepreneurship

goddess alliance agency similar to people asking questions, some people are more concerned about the problem of interest, then cut into a short video of the entrepreneurial team, now there are a lot of success.

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