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Guba, said: "every week, three or four people who want to invest in the McInerney call us."." Guba, founded in 1998, is a web site that provides users with original content.

, according to industry executives, says Silicon Valley’s current feeling is similar to the first wave of the Internet boom.

there are more funds available. Dow Jones’s VentureOne data show that in the first quarter of 2006, Us Venture Capital Firm raised $4 billion 260 million, an increase of 69% over last year.

in June 2007, Li Tao set up the magic friend network, specializing in pet supplies e-commerce. At the very beginning, he won the angel investment of 51job founder.

proxy is the threshold

is aware of the Internet is changing media business, has prompted the traditional media companies to develop digital strategy. Rupert Murdock Rupert Murdoch news group News Corp is the most aggressive. The company spent $1 billion 500 million on acquisitions, including a $580 million acquisition of MySpace> last year

pets sometimes resemble family members, so many people treat pets like they do their family and take out a lot of money for them.

perhaps Li Tao did not expect, 5 years later, he can call himself "magic friend network" is the domestic online and offline largest pet product retailers." Operators of more than 4000 kinds of pet products, "magic friends" net sales of 200 million yuan, "compared with the industry’s second, I guess it is at least 2 times."."

The reason why

, Li Tao, is the kind of user.

: Taking Beijing Tianjin area as an example." Li Tao said, brand practices are usually, find an agent in Beijing, looking for an agent in Tianjin, a district will only give one of those places, because the same region agents will be more "fighting", but hurt the brand, "can get the right agent, itself is a threshold." Let him remember, was once eaten cold-shoulder treatment, before there is a niche brand overseas in the Beijing area, annual sales of nearly 500 thousand yuan, the friends of the net to come to talk about an agency will do a 3 million share, and still be rejected, "just talk about money is not enough."


2007, he founded magic friends network, through the agent to obtain supplies of pet supplies, self built online channels, set up four distribution warehousing base. Although only agents and channels, but the results of the magic friend network is very eye-catching, last year’s sales of 2 hundred million, the rapid supply chain makes its gross profit of more than 20%, more than twice as much as peers.

business model: get pet supplies brand agency, focus on online channels, set up four storage base, get higher gross profit.

talked about the digital transformation of the media business most enthusiastically at the end of the last century in the 90s. At that time, billions of dollars of capital investment in the digital enterprise, but have to lose everything. Now, due to the rise of high-speed Internet, it is easy for users to watch video over the Internet. The digital conversion of media services is becoming a reality.

PwC and the National Venture Capital Association National Venture Capital Association analysis shows that in the media investment, about half of the flow of the business to the Internet transmission content based company.

, MySpace and YouTube has stimulated investor interest in the industry. MySpace was founded less than 3 years ago, but the current number of visits has been second, while Your Tube specializes in user generated content.

but it’s not easy to negotiate with brands and get agency rights.


did so, Li Tao relied on is actually very simple, as agents, their own channels of attention. Upstream supply link, the magic friend network does not have its own brand, basically rely on the right to take the brand. At present, it has more than 70 companies in the hands of nearly one hundred brands of agents, allegedly domestic pet products to obtain the most dealers.

Thomas McKenna Ni, founder and CEO of

magic friend network can get many agents, one of the most important factors is connections and experience. Originally, the founder of magic friend network team, there was an earlier professional in the pet product industry for many years, opened pet products chain stores, so far in Beijing has retained 3 offline stores

FT Chinese net "Financial Times" reporter aline van Donne Aline van Duyn and Kevin Alison Kevin Allison in New York

, hedge funds and private equity firms can invest more money than ever before.

According to the A surprising increase in the number of web users such as

In the first quarter of this year, U.S. venture capitalists invested $396 million in media and entertainment industries, up 80% from the previous quarter, the highest quarterly level in 4 years, according to

financing mergers and Acquisitions: entrepreneurship at the beginning by angel investment. In 2011, he received A investment in Ming investment. Recently, Sumitomo Corporation Equity Asia led investment, Kai numerous Asia and world Ming Investment and investment in the B round of investment.

is sitting on tens of billions of dollars in venture capital group, hedge funds, private equity firms and large media group, is investing heavily in the media of Internet start-ups, looking for the next hot internet.

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