Summary of Wangzhuan site promotionSohu NetEase suspected of illegal medical advertising links like

sh419 knows promotion. In sh419 know such CQA answer people’s questions will also have a good promotion effect, it should be noted that answer others questions carefully, rich in content, do not answer with obvious advertising shadow, you can add your answer in blog or website, but which have and related problems this article, "

BBS promotion and blog promotion should do your essence, not expensive, but also to persevere, three days fishing, two days drying nets will not be successful.

promotion methods many, a person do not eat or drink for ten years to learn not learn in the network, here to introduce several mainstream promotion methods, one hundred and eight weapons are trying to be good, not expensive, not more expensive. As long as the one of the one or two methods to achieve the ultimate, the income of natural water ship you high, it should not bite off more than you can chew.

promotion can be promoted is someone else’s Web site, can be other people’s products, can be services, all kinds.

China E-Commerce Association announced a number of illegal Internet medical advertisingMost


The second quarter of this year advertising monitoring report of Beijing advertising monitoring center recently released

also shows that individual well-known website links illegal advertising problems. Of the 34 online ads for alleged violations, Sohu topped the list of 24 monitored websites.

China according to Electronic Commerce Association Advertising Management Office of the legal counsel Zhao Jinjie, Sohu, NetEase and other network text links to illegal medical advertisements, the biggest problem is false and fraud. Often an advertisement has many suspected illegal facts, or borrow the name of a fictitious army medical institutions, or by experts, the name of the patient to mislead consumers, or the use of absolute terms, exaggerate the efficacy of drugs and the cure rate, or the sale of counterfeit drugs such as mail order. If the nominal Yanqing County of Beijing city in treating hyperlipidemia and hypertension of Beijing Military Medical Academy of Sciences, the Yanqing County Health Bureau yizhengke confirmed no registration.  

group promotion. Promotion of group method is relatively good, pay attention to the promotion of group and group play a good relationship, so you do the advertisement was kicked out of the group the possibility is much smaller, in addition to regular group mail function group mail, so that all group members can see your mail, effect a lot better oh.

blog promotion. The blog can be said to be a small personal website, you should also pay attention to promotion in the blog Oh, don’t have obvious advertising very urgent blog, that is so disgusted with the blog administrator, delete serious seal light blog, blog. Blog promotion is also a word, your fine, not expensive, and carefully write good Bowen, naturally can make blog popularity high, avoid advertising too obvious. To write in the form of soft Wen Bowen, to achieve the effect of silent things.

many just contact Wangzhuan friends hold a wait-and-see attitude toward and half believe and half doubt Wangzhuan, this is completely understandable, it is just small contact Wangzhuan the mentality of the people worry about personal gains and losses, and entering a strange environment began to like.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

forum promotion. This is one of the most current promotion methods producers use, promotion of forum to tell you is your fine forum posting is not more expensive, a good post on top of the one thousand pieces of spam, the best post made of soft, content and the forum has the best correlation, so the moderator will naturally be lenient, but also to increase precision, efficiency and the results will be very good oh.

Taobao mall analysis:

here Xiaobian said is currently the most people do Wangzhuan a profitable mode: promotion. In the narrow sense, the promotion is easy to understand, that is, other people’s products, services and other promotion out, to achieve a certain publicity effect, so as to obtain a model of profits. The generalization can be extended to network marketing, that is, the actual marketing practices and marketing strategies applied to the network. Taobao mall recommend.

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