The ultimate guide to my Wangzhuan thoughtSpecial six rooms online advertising network

there are some people, they provide space, for people Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tools such as foreign currency exchange. Start a new Wangzhuan can only at the first level, because you have no experience in technology trade. The couple do Wangzhuan have a very easy mistake is what the project is doing, from to, and the more the better, more perfection.

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there is not to think to do second levels, advertising agency money, need to accumulate experience and technology, of course, the accumulation of capital. Do Wangzhuan the most basic is to learn more, ask more, more exchanges, more friends, have the patience to persevere. In fact, a very important point, there must be understanding. Why do Wangzhuan, others into the 100 knife, you have done several months or lose earn more than this, except for a few points above said, there is understanding. But please don’t misunderstand, savvy and IQ is nothing. The perception is that a person’s way of thinking, you guide your actions. For example, you have not found when reading some students with good results, they did not spend much time in learning rather than those who spend all day in the books of students get good grades. The key reason is his high IQ, but he has understanding, comprehend a correct and efficient way of learning.

Wangzhuan beginning with the last century in 80s, has been booming in this century, in Europe and other developed Wangzhuan have matured, accepted by the public. The rapid development of the Internet, but China, developing countries than foreign behind so, this thing is not fresh Wangzhuan for most people to understand. Since do Wangzhuan, we must first understand the higher the profit source. We know the basic source of profit of higher? I tell you, is advertising. This novice mostly do not understand, especially veteran webmaster should understand.

can be said that understanding is more important than what an idea can change your life, can let you stand in others can not match the peak. In order to develop.

In fact,

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Wangzhuan two grades. Most of the people in the first grade, is to see the mail, advertising etc.. This is online the most basic level, is the lowest in the audience of the work. The ultimate goal of advertising is here. This level of money compared to the second levels of the people to be less. Second grade white is the advertiser. Our advertising agency, let others read mail, advertising, registration. You left a part of income, the other part of these people to engage in. This level should be much more advanced than the first level, naturally earn more money.

there is a Yangaoshoudi dream overnight. In fact, do Wangzhuan is not so easy, novice to have a positive attitude, one step at a time. The "82 law" do not know if you have not heard. This means that no matter the world changes, the rich and the poor the proportion is about eight more than a poor, mostly accounted for most of the rich minority. So any industry can make money are the minority.

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