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starting my own business, I’ve been looking for good business partners and good people. In other words, I have been on the side of the people are not satisfied with the state, this is not satisfied in many aspects: not satisfied with their work efficiency, not satisfied with their working attitude, even not satisfied with their personal life.

because I was only looking for a ready-made solution, so I didn’t care much about it. Unfortunately, after a few days of searching, I didn’t search for a ready-made Growth Hack solution for 1 products, but this sentence came up from time to time in my mind.

, with some start-up WeChat, goes through his circle of business articles and interviews;

editor’s note: the author, author of the sand society, the first author of iOS reverse engineering, started business as a technology partner for 18 months. This series of articles is his in-depth thinking of people, things and things in the whole process, analysis and summary of the initial business. This article is part of a series of articles that come from the iOS reverse engineering forum.

I admit that I am a passionate person from the bottom of my heart, but I have to admit that I am not a rational person. So, no matter what I do any project or thing, I will treat it rationally, and do some research and investigation before I start related things.

half a year later, I think after this period of time to strengthen reading, I have quickly mastered the theory of entrepreneurship knowledge, but I think so, from 0 to 1 should be no problem. This is not the Internet "fast" well,

in the first 6 months of entrepreneurship, I think what I want to learn is mainly to identify some common points of entrepreneurial success, as a reference standard. During this time, my spare time mainly spent reading the relevant information about entrepreneurship:

I have been to some countries, some people, and I have seen something in the world, and it is these experiences that have made me overly confident in my judgement. Every time I see something new or something, I’m always excited that I’ve found another gold mine. He began to think little of the related affairs, and when he spent a lot of time and effort, often disappointed that this gold mine has been cut almost.

so I would like to search Growth Hack information, see if you can not take the ordinary road, for 1 products to get some users. Search and search, I accidentally saw a net friend said a paragraph: "


1. don’t ask others for your own standards.

in fact, do not spend money to do promotion, in the Internet sector is indeed a precedent, that is, we should have heard of "Growth Hack."". One of the industry’s most impressive is the case of Airbnb getting large numbers of users from Craigslist in the early days of entrepreneurship.

In the

until recently, I realized that I made two mistakes made by most entrepreneurs, specifically,

at that time, our 1 product was just on the line, needed to be promoted, and the company was short of money and no money. We were asked to do everything possible to do it in a non cost way.

the Spring Festival holidays are over in 2013, and I set a goal for myself for the following year: starting today and counting the time before the Spring Festival in 2014, I want to earn OM.

error 1: passion > reason

2. do they not work hard or do you have the ability to let them work hard,


error two: good at looking for other people’s mistakes, but ignore the search for their own reasons,

has read most of the articles on 36kr, I, dark horse, tiger sniffing, and entrepreneurship;

found that an empty gold mine, though lost, is much better than investing in energy and gold on an empty gold mine.


maybe you are NB, maybe you have received countless people’s praise, but that doesn’t mean you can ask your people by your own standards. Never expect the people around you can work like you, because the company is not their family, what for you with

‘s hard work is that they need to be motivated enough, and how they can be motivated depends on the ability of the entrepreneur. If the entrepreneur can not fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, employees will naturally not

before I put up a pageantry to launch a new business, I think it is necessary to pour a pot of cold water, because I know that if you want to achieve their goals, we must sincerely face and correct their own past more than 3 years in the way business mistakes. I hope I can sum up and reflect on my mistakes not only to make myself more sober, but also to benefit others and warn others who are on the road to entrepreneurship.

read through Peter Thiel’s "from zero to one".


read through the book, "what do we know when we start our business?"

never forget, there must be echoes. I found the passage again and again and wondered why it left me such a deep impression. Try to figure out what the author is trying to say, and then I realize

at the beginning of entrepreneurship, I am positioning myself: entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, since the beginning of the cause, the early stage is certainly to make contributions as much as possible, rather than demanding. Initial business, no experience, so we should continue to learn, improve ourselves, keep up with the pace of entrepreneurship.

?The premise of

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