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Technology: the first new email marketing


Xingtai Shanghai dragon network is built to create top Shanghai dragon studio team. After years of network marketing on the top of the studio, Shanghai dragon website optimization study, practice and experience, have unique ideas in strategy and execution of Shanghai dragon aspect. The present work focus on the development of the Xingtai area website optimization, based in Xingtai, as the center, have the whole world in view.

Zac teachers believe that the benefits of email marketing:

more simple to understand is the registered email address left by the user, to carry out large-scale sending email software. As can be imagined, so the conversion rate is very low, some users are only registered members of the site were forced to leave the mailbox, some are not willing to leave you, plus such mass software bombardment, users don’t hate you.

second mailbox"

Zac the teacher carefully reading the article, in the four or five years ago by this method is really effective, but up to now, before 2011, many things are regarded as the garbage. Email marketing at present also is in use, but the effect is greatly reduced.

Xingtai Shanghai dragon profile:

a few years ago, Zac published the ten teacher network marketing skills, it is popular in the network marketing industry. With the passage of time, some methods have become lost effect. There are many kinds of reasons, from the user’s own, have come from the search engine. The top five technology Xingtai Shanghai dragon for the teacher, the opinions of his own modified to apply to the current fierce competition in the network marketing. Here said the subversion, in fact is not to say that the error of the teacher, but the teacher is improved on the basis, in order to better adapt to the current network marketing, if wrong, please correct me.

Xingtai Shanghai dragon improved:

"customer first, the principle of


will only use the e-mail to use mass software.

attract users leave email address, is your best way to remind them of the existence. One study found that a user visits your site after 7 times, the possibility of buying things to achieve high level of stability. So you should use e-mail many times to remind the user to your site, the benefits of the product, or send some useful information.

a user to your website may be looking for information, probably want to buy things, there may be. The first time you come to your site can produce sales proportion is very low. The user must repeatedly see your site, familiar with, a sense of trust, it is easy to buy things from your website, or any action you want to make him the. Most users come to your website did not buy anything, from left, later again to chance your website is very low.

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