Er Shanghai is with the Dragon talent demand Change

3: Shanghai dragon to profit as the main purpose of

in twenty-first Century, especially in China, whether it is e-commerce website model or traditional enterprise website, the requirements and the Shanghai dragon has slowly changed. This is good for us to have Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon’s market demand for more and more big, the market also will be growing in Shanghai dragon. The market of our Shanghai dragon Er requirements improve. The Shanghai dragon Er should learn with the changing needs of timely Change thought. This is an inevitable trend. The following the author will elaborate from several aspects.


Shanghai dragon be integrated into what classification? Some people say that the computer application, in fact, Shanghai dragon is a part of network marketing, we are trying to do is marketing (including not only the keywords ranking, conversion rate, including a corporate brand promotion). Shanghai dragon’s goal is not to the PR of the site how many, how many included, but in order to make a profit.

learning is like riding a boat without retreat. In the Shanghai dragon industry change rapidly, the algorithm change at any time, if you do not learn.

" Change" (change) is the president of the United States Obama election in 2008 when President Obama proposed the slogan, the slogan and the thought and innovation in 21 people change the thought of Obama on most agree without prior without previous consultation, the president of the United states. Obama said, "that is the true genius of America, it understands the change." The Shanghai dragon er’s talent and in what? Er Shanghai is with the Dragon talent demand Change.

1: Shanghai dragon can’t just in order to get good rankings

2: Shanghai dragon should not only physical activity

traditional idea is Shanghai dragon is in order to have a good ranking in the search engine. From the real situation can be seen, a good ranking site does not necessarily flow is high, the opposite ranking difference is not necessarily the flow difference. The webmaster should not just to show off their number of words have good rankings in search engines. What words should study conversion rate is relatively high, the competition situation, the waste of unnecessary time.

content is king, the chain for the emperor. The search engine value chain. Some owners began crazy hair the chain, BBS, blog registered account, and then to send the chain, do the anchor text. In the past this may also have some effect, but the search engine algorithm update resolution search engine of foreign chain is also getting better and better. The chain of garbage is not only not good on the site, but also can make the search engine on your site. So as Shanghai dragon Er when we send the chain can not only treat it as a physical work, and should be an intellectual activity, to do the chain conditions, forward-looking innovation.

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