Analysis of page link weight and height of the web site optimization process

it is well known that Shanghai dragon website operation optimization process, the connecting role is very great, there are many websites classification connection types, common website internal links, external connection, friendship connection etc.. According to the analysis of web page layout connection weight? How to judge a page weight level? Is our optimization staff have to face the problem, because the connection weights of the analysis judgment, can help us to determine what is the website of high quality connection? Those are low quality web links and so on, these operations for our analysis website connection the advantages and disadvantages and the improvement has played a very important role, this website weights in the web page is judged on how to make a simple analysis, and we hope to share.

second connection time in Web page. This is mainly to talk about the external connection, connection time is one of the important factors affecting the connection weights, a very simple example, a new station in a very short period of time has gathered 1000 external connections and an old station for several months or even years to gather 1000 external the connection weights are cannot be mention in the same breath, in short, a connection exists in a page in the longer, the weight often tend to be very high, this will remind when we do pay attention to the connection quality and the external connection is connected with the existing time, we do what we can do to connect some high quality, pay attention to the existence of time connection, not released today tomorrow is deleted, it is very painful to the author. The author suggests that the best regular platform release information, pay attention to relevant requirements under the website or forum in the process of publishing outreach, do not try to maintain a heart, one can deceive the moderator, but after the event was found to be deleted, for our loss is not simple as sometimes when deleting a connection, often decided the weight and website ranking is not very small high quality connection, so we do in the optimization.

first, connections in the location of the page. First of all, we are very clear, when spiders crawl the website is based on connection of these connections, including external connection and site inlining, we first take a look at the site of the internal links is how to calculate the weight and distribution, according to the principle of the general basis of spider crawling, breadth first and depth first principle, the spider when visiting our website according to the general from top to bottom, obviously in order from left to right, from capture, search engine spiders close connection to crawl, so as to obtain higher weights, the specific table we now inline layout, the author suggested the use of bread crumbs layout, grab the first meet the habits of spiders secondly, the key columns from left to right layout, this connection is very easy to get the weight of inheritance. Finally, the internal links suitable for URL optimization, the best written in pinyin or Jianpin form, physical path and logical path must be clear, brief and clear, as the main principle. To understand the connection position next we look at the next topic.

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