Combined with the reflections of Shanghai Longfeng work philosophy

should respect the objective law.

Every time the "reform"

Shanghai Longfeng work is not one or two months will be able to see the effect, but also in the optimization process, will also appear such problems, such as accidentally website by K, website instability and so on. There is no effect to the site before, many practitioners Shanghai dragon gave up, not even for his work with Ning Shanghai dragon. In fact, Shanghai Longfeng work is long, you know the road is tortuous, the future is bright, have a positive and optimistic attitude to face.

Shanghai dragon is a process of quantitative change to qualitative change.

contact Shanghai Longfeng for some years, mainly from Shanghai, the Phoenix video and some training to learn the basic knowledge and skills of the Shanghai dragon. Today I want to talk about from the angle of philosophy of Shanghai Longfeng work. Don’t speak well or not, please.

some Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, in order to quickly improve website ranking, the drilling work. Such as the purchase of high quality website PR a lot of chain. This saw some effect in the short term, but this is a short-term. Sooner or later you will be dead seedlings (on behalf of the individual point of view). In addition the content of the website is updated daily and increase the chain is to have the law, not a day with many or all of a sudden, every few days to update. Many will palm spider, a few days do not feed it, it will not come again.

love in Shanghai will bring many problems to our website: right down, stop, drop, no snapshot rankings included and so on. These problems can not be across the board, to analyze specific issues. Carefully check specifically where there is a problem with the site.


Shanghai dragon is a systematic project, not a touch and. Through the black hat technology could promote the website ranking, but this was short-lived. Shanghai dragon will to do every little bit, not a quick profit. Only continue to adhere to the process, there will be a qualitative leap.

is shallow, many of the ideas are not very mature. Rumors, Shanghai dragon has three big pie, maybe I thought it is sent. If reproduced, please respect the original. How to use philosophy to guide the work of the Shanghai dragon, you can refer to my web site optimization: Shenzhen MBA 贵族宝贝

to the concrete analysis of concrete problems.

I think the above

road is tortuous, the future is bright, have a positive and optimistic attitude to face Shanghai Longfeng work.

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