Analysis of the effective way to enhance the Shanghai Dragon Technology in 2016

the arrival of the new year 2016, whether novice or veteran we do in the process of Shanghai dragon in all have to upgrade their Shanghai Dragon technology, time so many optimization technology is not a short duration of time can be completed, so in my opinion is the best way is to enhance the ability through our work and the daily study carried out in 2016, and how fast we let oneself grow up? These channels are my own learning methods have been used and introduce.

first, improve my ability in work. Well, most of the time we are at work every day, work process is to create value for the enterprise is the process of their exercise capacity, so we said work more troublesome, work will encounter various problems, how can we improve ourselves? We know that learning is the easiest way to have a professional the teacher helps us to optimize the training guidance, such as participating in some online and offline, it can also improve myself, but I think this way just propaganda, some basic knowledge of basic industries, to enhance the ability of their real value is actually very limited take charge as chief of the work, enhance the ability is our master’s has become the only way which must be passed, for example website ranking drop, website content included the chain quality decline, low degree of said problem may be a lot of problems A few days are endless, in fact we don’t require to enhance their perfection in the work, making a good way to deal with a problem one by one each to digest and solve each solve a problem in your own capacity will have been improved, and the work experience than books or training theory are many, don’t be afraid of difficulties in the process of solving the problem, the difficulty is inevitable, to solve a problem you encountered in a variety of ways, you will find a very correct solution.

second, the industry platform to enhance their ability. Shanghai dragon is the development and change of the knowledge, then, as the Shanghai dragon in addition to ER we can rely on the knowledge of books, but also use other industry platform, the book knowledge is dead, is a Shanghai based Phoenix entry, in addition to working practice I think there are some we can use the platform to enhance their real high weight industry the ability, here the author recommended the A5 webmaster and Shanghai dragon why network, they have different characteristics, compared to more professional the readability of the article more stationmaster net, and the form of Shanghai dragon why language is also more diverse, more civilians, meet the learning needs of the grassroots, the biggest advantage of industry platform it is very fresh, baked articles are very close to the actual optimization, for the owners can learn from this is very strong. Is the same sense of deep, I also often publish articles in these optimization platform, which is also the main optimization knowledge is derived from their current work in the process of summing up, so we recommend to choose this way to improve myself.

third, do not believe the book.

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