Analysis analysis of the effect of love Shanghai bidding landing page

love Shanghai bidding investment / landing page = cost effective dialogue. The cost of our cervical landing page is 7306 / 77 = 94.88 yuan.

first, first landing page to spend the money, how we love the hospital statistics? Shanghai accounts inside, a plan corresponds to a landing page, this is easier to statistics, as shown below, our hospital in cervical spondylosis of this plan in this month a total invested 7306 yuan, showing 30506 times.

A few days ago,

some hospital more than one plan corresponding to a project or a different plan inside the different unit corresponds to a landing page, this case should find the landing page from consumer search word statements. The following diagram.

if you can get the cervical spondylosis this month from the number of home network can calculate the landing page to the hospital cost, we this month than I to 28, then to the hospital cost is 7306 / 28 = 260.92 yuan.

second, first landing page to the number of effective dialogue and how effective dialogue statistics? All this month from the export business, dialogue source selected on cervical spondylosis of dialogue for a total of 77. The following figure

all landing page statistics, you can compare the effect of a landing page.

love Shanghai bidding specialist called the landing page, planners call it special. The landing page effect analysis is to analyze the landing page, how much money to spend, how much to show, the number of IP, the average residence time, how much is the bounce rate, some of the dialogue landing page cost, landing page home some data cost etc.. A problem to solve.

recently found that some hospitals do analysis on the landing page, just do not know to me is not the same, if there are like-minded people to see this article, I welcome the exchange, WeChat is: 349557720

wrote "love Shanghai auction unit cost accounting", "graphic analysis of the bidding period love Shanghai" two articles, by the network reproduced many times, it also encouraged me today and then write this article – "love Shanghai" auction of the landing page effect analysis. Shanghai Longfeng Er friends may seem silly, but SEMer friend is very clear this important data report in the bidding strategy. In fact, Shanghai dragon Er friends should also do the statistics, don’t know if anyone has done, I used to do when the Shanghai dragon adhere to report this, I also developed a report that habit, when I love Shanghai bidding emphasis on statistics is very high. The end, to the point.

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