Google dig on effective advertising bidding learning Shanghai worthy of love

click on the non target area, mainly for the love Shanghai promotion system minimum prparation is accurate to the provincial level, and it is accurate to put our city level.

also developed a solution called ActiveView that aims to show advertising rating, to distinguish not displayed online advertising, it will remain a small investment for advertisers.

sometimes, competition is a mirror, people can distinguish between advantages and disadvantages. We see that due to the addition of 360 search, has let love Shanghai has a sense of crisis, phoenix nest system is also in constant change, such as re design, icon by preferential price and competitive differentiation underline natural ranking, the healthcare industry hype containment.

come to talk about love Shanghai auction.

Google has never had a lack of news, from the Google automatic driving to Google Glass, and then to the best online advertising field. Recently, a Google data aroused widespread concern: 10% of Internet advertising has never been presented (page normally open, but the advertising display, at the bottom of the page no visitors see), advertisers for this part of advertising is also paying bill.

Google Although

can indicate the regional bidding in the creative, reduce the number of clicks, but this part of the waste put in, is still inevitable, the proportion of waste may also very considerable.

for the love of Shanghai auction, the most direct advertising is invalid and non target area click malicious click.

love Shanghai never believe the world has a tool called VPN, so the number of negative IP limit his pitiful, although the phoenix nest system after the upgrade will account for a certain number of negative IP increase, but still far can not meet the demand.


love Shanghai phoenix nest backstage invalid click filtering mechanism, but according to the experience of this premeditated malicious click behavior has no effect. More critical is that the love of Shanghai phoenix nest for the negative limit of IP, people have suspected it for malicious click behavior, after all the love of Shanghai is the only beneficiary of the malicious click.


of course, love Shanghai never want to optimize these past problems.

but these may just fall in love with sea to change strategy, while Google’s approach should learn to love Shanghai: take the initiative to change, the depth of excavation through the effectiveness of advertising, so that advertisers can afford to spend.

listen to the auction industry predecessors said before is put on the region and make love Shanghai, love Shanghai but prevarication to technical reasons, finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. As a result, two city hospital, which is also the province in Shanghai love advertising. Imagine a doctor who will cooperate? (except for infertility and other special diseases)

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