How much do you know about Guizhou Shanghai dragon optimization grey black and white hat


as the word "white" gives us the general feeling, Shanghai dragon is fair use white hat means normal, they by most search engines approved guidelines to optimize website. It is the industry that is an important reason why the best method is that it avoids confrontation with the search engine release policy, to avoid the possible risks, is the highest standards of ethics and related practitioners.

gray hat Shanghai dragon

Guizhou high was about Shanghai Longfeng optimization search engine optimization, is essentially a kind of Web site optimization by adjusting the technical means to improve the natural ranking web site in the search engine keywords and attract more customers to visit. The technology itself is not bad, but the people who use the technology of different technology itself also created a totally different ending, so how to classify Shanghai Dragon Technology

black hat Shanghai dragon

by the "black" thought of evil, dark, obscure, word for black hat is not so difficult to understand. Black hat is the opposite of white hat, but they don’t take the way too observant of conventional standards., cheating or other means to optimize the search engine itself is not being recognized by the policy, is illegal behavior thoroughly. The main means of spam links, hidden web pages and keywords simple repeat stack and so on, due to violation of the occupation morality, they are despised by others.

world is not simple but white is black, on the contrary, it is the largest in the gray area. Guizhou Luomeng understand gray hat Shanghai Longfeng optimization in black and white, like the hat that they do not fully comply with the rules, is not like the black hat that they will make some flagrant violations, the rules did not specify the skills and means to walk in the gray area, both overall and local optimization, is a kind of offbeat of a middle course. The full account of the long-term and short-term interests.

white hat Shanghai dragon

more accessible: Guizhou Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝gzgaoyidu贵族宝贝 reprint please, thank you.


white hat, black hat and grey hat, the relationship between the different Shanghai dragon painted with fairly simple colors, they will be with each other as a rival, we learn a lot from each other to make up for one’s own vulnerabilities are ultimately in order to achieve the ultimate goal of the optimization of Shanghai dragon.

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