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as far as I’m concerned, I didn’t even have any idea or plan when I quit. Work is wasting my energy and I know it’s the right decision to quit. No mortgage and no children really made my decision easier, but after three years and a lot of failed products, I began to rely on my own ideas for income. At the same time, I provided consulting services for other companies to make ends meet, which gave me the freedom to go to work when I needed to earn money, while others focused on my product.

micro print currently provides only A5 format micro-blog Book templates, three typesetting methods two, three, four. The print home page says, "with just three clicks, it takes a minute to turn your micro-blog into a book that will not only be able to browse online, but also make a permanent collection of paper micro-blog books."."

2, when you have enough money or another

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2, when your ideas are not clear enough, or have not been validated or tested by the market;

1, when you need regular income to maintain your current lifestyle and mortgage your home for a child,

business needs to resign is a problem. Amir Khella, an experienced entrepreneur and entrepreneurial consultant, lists some of the factors that need to be considered in our personal blog. He doesn’t think it’s important to quit. It’s important that you really try your best. As long as you have so much enthusiasm and conviction, time is like a sponge.

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some people who like to collect their micro-blog content or friends micro-blog content can make their own micro-blog content with friends, books, gifts or their own treasures. Since it is based on micro-blog’s open platform, other value-added services will also be introduced.

about the question of whether I should quit business, I’ve heard all sorts of ideas over the past few years. Some people say that you need to start a business while you work, because you need income and you don’t know if your ideas are good enough. Some people say that the class can not devote themselves to entrepreneurship, which may become the cause of the failure of entrepreneurship.

4, when you have enough time to work out your ideas after work and at weekends, and when things are going well.

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3, when your work can actually provide the experience business, marketing, design, development, etc. to implement your own ideas,

When should

I didn’t recommend quitting without thought or plan, but looking back, it was the best decision for me.


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after selecting the template, the user can select content and pictures, "one click preview"". Micro prints offer three micro-blog books: online books for everyone to share, Epub books to download and save, and paper micro-blog books to better collect or present friends and relatives. Micro print has now introduced charging model, that is, fees to make paper books, each price according to the content of how many, ranging from 20 yuan ~210 yuan.

in fact, sometimes less time is more beneficial. You are more focused, efficient, and less time spent watching news and activities. Not much time will force you to use it properly.


I’ve seen some friends quit their jobs and chase their own entrepreneurial dreams. A few months later, some people started looking for new jobs, and some never regretted their decision to resign.

Amir Khella is also a renowned user experience designer. Over the past three years, he has successfully built more than ten start-ups, including DocVerse, which was acquired by shlf1314.

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1, when work takes your energy away;

retain full time work,

leave his job?

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