On Christmas Eve 2013 PR update again you update


PR update to the extent that the firm confidence in the webmaster do stand, although PR plays a more and more small, but for a good web site, the PR value will directly affect the value of the site.


by the small press time before, the PR update range is not big, often only for the original update site updates, which also shows that the noble baby PR update more attention to quality rather than quantity, on the other hand the nobility baby but also to remind the webmaster, PR has never been out of the market just gradually dilute the market. Let the webmaster website not to concentrate on doing PR station.

The original link: 贵族宝贝45fan贵族宝贝/a/luyou/3047.htm


recently about noble baby PageRank (PR) to discuss the topic of the seemingly less, webmasters tend to value BR (love Shanghai weight), this is not only because of the search engine market exit Chinese noble baby, more love Shanghai decides "of vital importance for the webmaster". In the webmaster gradually forgotten whether PR will update, just yesterday (December 2013 06), noble baby again updated the PR

back to a PR update, also said in 2013 May PR update, PR update time range can reach about 25%, an average of every four websites will have a web site PR update. According to the people on the PR update rule, is updated every three months, but unfortunately did not update PR in August. Even if there are all sorts of online information, but the fact that these are rumors of

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