Network optimization need to return the value of the times

With the increase of

any industry from rise to strong metropolitan experience a transition, that is from the beginning of the chaotic late in order, network optimization is no exception, from 2003 introduced from abroad Chinese is regarded as magical technology, through some optimization strategies can affect search engine rankings, to spend a small force earn a lot of money effect. Optimization technology was in its infancy stage, many personnel engaged in network optimization is through the Internet a lot of exposure sites to improve the search engine’s attention, so as to improve the ranking. The site only needs a large number of collected articles and sending spam chain can be recognized and simple so that the cost of some of the early Shanghai dragon also attracted more build up the family fortunes, and eager to share, then the owners feel mysterious and is very arrogant occupation.

especially important value in recent years in the development of users in the network with the domestic search engine in order to develop their own long-term market consolidation and business, respect the user experience has become the new development direction of search engine, Shanghai dragon as the search engine must be attached survival also need to make corresponding changes to. From the previous content with the chain chain can steadily improve rankings to the later valuable content in high quality, and now all follow the user experience, in the optimization of the webmaster in our optimization method step by step change, change is also in constant temptation love Shanghai for the optimization of the bottom line and search engine algorithm. It requires many domestic experience from the new Shanghai dragon need to return to the website optimization, website value to return to the center of gravity. Before that everything for the search engine, all in order to search engine, do not consider the user value of the website will.

in network optimization personnel, the level of competition is also beyond the practitioners of the imagination, some owners began to quickly obtain rankings by some search engines do not recognize the way through the connection of deception, stations, bridges, hidden text, page key word stack, Trojan, jump, website in the absence of any substantive content, rely on technical means for the design of search engine to improve website ranking. Some companies rely on this method to seek huge profits, while the interests of consumers also hurt some formal enterprises also cannot be protected, integrity of the Internet arouses many questions. With the needs of users of such behavior complaints and search engine’s development, the domestic all search engines were severely hit on these cheating, the light is right down, while sites directly delete. For the Internet industry standard has gradually attracted people’s attention, part of the webmaster play the gangster let search engine to increase the network optimization of the audit efforts, constantly update algorithm is to prevent the cheating attack by the webmaster search engine vulnerability. Love Shanghai and other domestic search engine has also been introduced to guide the webmaster webmaster optimization criterion, using formal methods to optimize the site, to avoid excessive waste of Internet trust, Internet gradually purified air.

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