Effect of web code optimization


search engine optimization industry website, the website ranking of the most are some simple layout, reasonable layout, clean and tidy page website, if you want to get good rankings page optimization effect, then the page code more concise. Remember to use the page code optimization bloated code structure. The following example of code to the page from the start.

illustrated: the picture above is to remove the copyright code "ranked in the first place, in the second row is the copyright code page.


experimental data analysis, using the same page content, the analysis under the same domain, the root directory under the unified, the copyright code of a page to the previous code removed, do not let the copyright code is displayed in the actual page, and the two page also submitted to the noble baby search the engine at the same time, you will be surprised to find the original, no copyright code of this page rank before a copyright code ". The following is a diagram of the truth.

the above, under the same conditions, the code is simple "will achieve good performance in the search engine. Experienced experts put forward the Shanghai dragon can not explain what the problem, because this particular condition won’t appear, so will not be considered. But this is not clear, site optimization ranking is decided by the comprehensive index of the web site, and comprehensive to every detail, Shanghai dragon Er need to pay attention to every detail, every detail is not ignored, like the copyright code above, every detail is done, the site in the search engine will have good performance, thus ranking to be more stable, and thus get more traffic in the search engine. In website optimization ranking web site optimization need to pay attention to all aspects of the details. In this paper, by the Wuhan Department of gynaecology hospital (www.dnfkw贵族宝贝), reproduced indicate the source, thank you! I hope harvest.

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