Dai Renguang Taobao experience gained by Hangzhou Railway Station at Wulin Conference7 ways of self

this sentence of this meeting is to hear more, I also wrote a blog, called "stationmaster profit: advertising or the content, only in the line between", roughly speaking, if you can put advertising information into useful information, then profits would not have to worry about. This meeting, mogujie and beautiful say all gone, such sites, I am very optimistic about the advertising information can become everyone likes and never tired of sharing information. So pure Taobao customer API site, Taobao rely on access to information is not their core competitiveness, and the use of a simple web site advertising revenue, the effect is not very good, can put Taobao off into the content, to become part of the content, Taobao customers can achieve long-term sustained profitability.

a lot of people think I’m a very outgoing person because I don’t feel shy or shy before people. In fact, I am a more biased than introverted person, I will be in alone more comfortable and easier access to energy — whether at work or rest, I love myself more.

lead: you are an introvert. Sharing your thoughts with others is not your specialty, nor is it your innate ability. If everyone needs self marketing, what about introverts?

you want everyone to hear your voice, but you dare not open your mouth and express your thoughts in public. It is a gap that you have never been able to overcome.

so you begin to study and hope to find a solution through reading. You read a lot about self promotion and marketing of the book, you find that these books are very interesting, but these methods presented are not suitable for you, can you share your idea and firm the confidence of others. The function of reading is quite different from what you originally imagined.

about me,

this point, in the previous Bowen also introduced more, Taobao alliance is a platform, there are sellers, there are Taobao customers. Many sellers contact the Taobao customer responsible person said, in addition to the Commission, and come up with more money to support Taobao customers, senior master plan Taobao customers can apply for sellers, there will be more like a cash reward. Therefore, to get more income, we must contact and cooperate directly with the seller. Those who are bored to do Taobao customers, do site friends income will receive restrictions, development will also encounter bottlenecks. Taobao is a business customer service base, the future market will become increasingly large, so Taobao customer based, and maintain long-term business communication is necessary, such as the Taobao store and several guest person in charge, including wheat bags, starry, do good Taobao customers you can get more resources from the shops, shopping experience and improve the site’s conversion rate, such as access to electronic coupons to improve website competitiveness.

earlier I also said that the establishment of the site is the achievement of Taobao customers kingly way, the meeting to share the data tells us that the current number of domestic owners in a substantial decline, it is estimated that only about 2 million. And Taobao customers have reached tens of millions of users

3: building websites or kingly way,

No. 28 participated in the Symposium of the Hangzhou Railway Station, although no other city has to go, but in the final in Hangzhou, but still feel that this communication party is awesome, learn more things, especially to see a lot of shops Taobao customer responsible person, manager, manager. Found that the proportion of readers in my blog is also so high, so this blog update is specifically divided into experience articles, Taobao guest and seller articles, of which Taobao guest will publish first.

It takes a lot of courage and energy to share, talk, and put ourselves in the spotlight by

. A lot of times, when we think about it, we start to feel uncertain and nervous. Then we silently say to ourselves, "forget it, but use your time and energy to work silently."." Moreover, you are an introvert, and sharing your ideas with others is not your specialty, nor is it your innate ability. This will make you feel very uncomfortable, when you stand under the watchful eyes of the people, you will have a thorn in the side of the feeling.

your idea has been hidden in your mind for a long time. You have been patient, listening to other people’s ideas, recording and studying. But you just don’t know how to express yourself.

talked about Taobao and saw a lot of Taobao customers, such as super station moderators, Jiang Junjun, and friends of the cookie team and the Littlefun team. Much has been gained from the conference, and a special summary is shared today.

2: communicate directly with the seller,

then, can an introvert entrepreneur fail to do self marketing? If everyone needs self marketing, how should the introvert finish the job?

I don’t speak before people, because I prefer to "get quiet in the crowd" and immerse myself in my thoughts. So unless someone encourages me to speak or let me express my opinion, I

, you want to tell the whole world about your ideas and ideas.

if I had my choice, I would choose to swim in my space every single day. I really want this kind of work and lifestyle, and I want to be alone in the woods, and only my imaginative ideas accompany me preferably with a camera. When I’m between a group of people, I usually look very quiet and don’t talk very often, but it’s not because I’m nervous.

1: Taobao is not advertising, it is content


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