Web site operators not only Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng not only ranking

water so that: Shanghai Longfeng do Guan Jian word ranking is only a part of the website operation, must not only for Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, provide useful things for the user is a website should focus on doing things! The original address: 贵族宝贝 www.cuihonghai贵族宝贝/2011072474.html

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now I know that I was not just Shanghai dragon optimization only understand Guan Jian word ranking optimization, a good site of Shanghai Longfeng factors include many other aspects, such as content quality, user experience and so on, but I didn’t pay too much attention to these, because of the many sites are on the way up. Because the power without the support of


from the beginning of the 08 year contact site construction and operation, just to earn some pocket money, some foundation through their learned in the school library "knowledge to establish a simple static web site, pure HTML Wangzhuan station did not come into contact with, those excellent CMS, and I have always sorry things, because at that time with DW a static page is very tired and inefficient things! But that is a low efficiency and complicated site construction and maintenance of the way I adhere to the first half of the year, and the website brings me network gain the first gold, although not more than



I think website operation is to make Shanghai Longfeng, are ranked with the flow all say, the next step is to practice water Shanghai dragon day, and always want to develop to the regular site, find themselves interested and believe to breakthrough, industry website to do their own interest, but regret is two years inside I had a dozen or so, they hope to be able to do a ranking by Shanghai Longfeng flow then engaged in electronic commerce to make money, but it gave me a big blow for Shanghai, because only the dragon, let my site in the above operation thinking a big mistake, that is too dependent on the Shanghai dragon, while ignoring all the other hand, if the Shanghai dragon without success then this site will fail.

later came into contact with the Shanghai dragon, and through the basic techniques in online learning, such as the original article, and Links, insist on a period of time after the Guan Jian actually put Wangzhuan words do love Shanghai home to a lot of traffic and advertising fees, was really surprised me, too have a sense of achievement, then fell in love with Shanghai and the Shanghai dragon, dragon and Phoenix as a site all ready, as long as the Shanghai dragon has a good ranking, benefits naturally have a

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