Yang Lin how to get more share of Shanghai dragon chain

we all know the chain site release is not included, is not increase the chain, then we did not work hard, there is a lot of hair outside the chain have been deleted, delete said, in the hair, but if that is the love of Shanghai came right or be K, it is not worth it the.

Hello, I’m Yang Lin, and today I want to share with you is a problem we have been very concerned about: how to get more of the chain. The chain has always been a great trouble to our webmaster, so I would like to share my experience.


2, outside the chain to collect a large number of articles, inserting a large number of keywords in the article, regardless of whether or not it will be included, now has the demand of 90% people don’t tube users, so the 90% people are in the trash even normal people will tell you, this cheating, you don’t think the search engine, especially the love of Shanghai search engine, the engineers Robin Li below are idiot? They eat it, even if it can not be timely filtering and delete it, then I guess love Shanghai will be a giant big dump, did not provide information related to the user. This means that now is not the collection rate is very low, but the right way to do, so do not use the 1000 articles, 100 is not the quality of the article.


1, many webmaster is pure when copy the contents of the release of the chain, there are a small part of the owners will just modify the title, there is a part with mass software group.

3, an article in more than 3 links, links do not greedy, send an article to do the 3 links as 1 links, at least you this link will not be deleted, there is a lot of opportunities will be included.

The Don’t

up to the end is the user experience, if you only used to send spam, so long, so when we collected articles, to see this article for users of no use, the industry has no use, there is the title of the article and whether there is no correlation, long tail keywords, can let the user search to not modify most relevant and reasonable. When we add links to copyright reprint link, copyright link is any website language allowed, he will not delete you, remember not to advertise.

information from the left information network website (www.hohowang贵族宝贝) reproduced please keep here

so we first solve the problems included, it is not difficult to actually included. Why are many sites included low

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