Website ranking optimization factors which is not conducive to the operation and

frequently modify title will put the search engine confused. It may be your website content is really about what, virtually let originally established trust did not change.

may be more webmaster will consider what operations can make website ranking, but more important is the fact that the website ranking optimization factors which is not conducive to the operation and.

Website ranking optimization has the following


the garbage outside the chain too much

frequently modify title

site open speed is slow at first will affect the user experience, search engine and pay attention to the user experience is publicly.

collection of web content

we all know that the first impression is very important, as the theme of the site, the content and structure are not fully prepared when on-line, directly gave a very good impression of search engine.

second, website open speed slow also affect the website traffic, website bounce rate, and these data search engines are to be installed.

for the love of Shanghai official just proposed refuse chain standard, we should also have to understand, you may think of before the chain of hair better, many webmaster;

bad Links

site open speed slow, unstable host



because of misoperation may make all optimization before all come to nothing, so how to optimize the learning website ranking before, what factors and understanding is not conducive to the website ranking optimization.


host is not stable for the website is very dangerous, the new host may have appeared unstable longer assessment period, and the old station will also have the risk of K.

if there is some black hat website, spam site of your site Links, will lower your site in the search engine where the impression, as you have bad friends, you may be thinking about you are not good.

title to the site is quite critical, the most direct way to tell what the title is the topic of your site search engine.

is now collecting tools but collection content emerge in an endless stream, is not really can make the website keywords ranking improve? Obviously, in addition to making the Internet garbage, low website image, the website ranking optimization play no active role.

site is not fully prepared on the line

if the frequent modification of the title is the most inappropriate, because the theme of the site should be clear, is unlikely to change.

search engine will have a period of the new site, the first impression is the website will often need more time to check.

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