The webmaster Entrepreneurship if you caught the hot

we know that the rise of the mobile Internet is not a long time, in many ways still not mature, which makes many entrepreneurs feel confused, can not find a clear profit mode or direction, so we can think of ten years ago the Internet within that time China just the rise of Internet entrepreneurs to webmaster are they in the success of a web site is actually unable to find accurate profit model, by hanging foreign advertising alliance and profit.

to 2002, global scale Internet bubble crisis began to spread, all kinds of advertising.

therefore, depending on the search engine is not a permanent solution, perhaps we should dig their own flow channels, to bring users at the same time and retain users, this is the most important element in the social role. Since it is a social hot Internet, we can use the powerful Tencent now can be seen. For our webmaster, site operators should pay attention to the construction process of user relations, it will make our site traffic and revenue is more robust.

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users access to the Internet and mobile terminal frequency is high, and even some users can use the mobile terminal to access the Internet and abandon the traditional PC machines, so the mobile Internet is the business over the next ten years the most popular hot. Currently on the market have many entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in the mobile Internet business, looking forward to be able to tap into the pot of gold from the mobile internet.

almost all of the owners are in busy traffic flow, on behalf of the shining white silver. However, as a webmaster we thought about how to make our flow more stable and more durable, although with strong Shanghai Dragon technology can make the website to get a lot of traffic from search engines in a short time, but in the case of careless operation caused by search engine punishment, our website traffic is likely in the moment of ashes to ashes.

At present,

Chinese Internet entrepreneurs to grassroots majority, although some grassroots entrepreneurs have achieved good results, but the majority of grassroots entrepreneurs still survive at the edge of the day for more traffic and promotion and brains, as entrepreneurs, the most important point is to grasp the hot spots and opportunities. Accumulated in practice, in order to make grassroots entrepreneurs really stand up to the Internet, the opportunity and the hot spot in the next few years, if you caught the

in the next few years Internet hot? The answer to this question is of course the mobile Internet and social. We know that in the social all the time is a hot topic in the Internet, from the rise of Tencent and now a strong user stickiness we can find. Through examples, we can know that the establishment of user relationship for website stickiness is very important. So, want to do a more powerful vitality, we must first do our users and social relations, is one of the most important elements.

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