The search engine algorithm analysis and judgment

strategy: the site of the content, effectively regulate. Not only pay attention to the number of articles, to better focus on the quality of the article. The original knowledge of them, will naturally be favored by search engine spiders. Keep a certain time after the spider often crawls, net >

, pay attention to the experience of search engine users

original website content planning

two specification, search engine optimization rules

is currently in the search engine market, in a "war" period, in the competition for the share. In this environment, "forced" to do search engine optimization personnel. To love Shanghai as an example, last month was adjusted to two times the algorithm. Moreover, also introduced a series of related measures such as "chain" judgment documents, effective planning of chain market. The implementation of the corresponding measures, causing a chain reaction of certain. As a webmaster forum to cancel the signature, to avoid the negative effects of the rules of. The maturity of the website, the loss of certain external links, won’t have what effect. The relatively small web site, the result is very serious. Therefore, the current search engine optimization personnel need to adjust good ideas. From the following angle spread, effective response.

strategy: in this period, the rules need to comply with the white hat, write some of the original article. The chain, to do promotion, and false information is not blindly, the other is chaos.


analysis: the previous optimization method, is the rough. In other words, is a kind of blowout outbreak. The launch of a website, how long does it take. Many other sites are modeled by the constructed section. Thus, a serious lack of its own characteristics. On the one hand, the phenomenon in the medical website, is very rampant. At present, the search engine in the integration of a certain period of time, tends to be increasingly improved. Then, some will make snap action. There will be some injure behavior, is can hardly be avoided.


analysis: This is the search engine to promote the high degree of recognition, 360 search engines in this area. From the beginning, has launched such a strategy. Then, effectively capture a lot of users. At the same time, do not do the medical advertisement information, effectively purify the data in the database, users can get the help of true knowledge. As a result of the 360 processes, the love of Shanghai does not sit, began the corresponding action, will tend to this point, in order to effectively seize the.

strategy: from the planning period of the site, will be located, making a long-term plan, reasonable planning and good user experience forum. In this way, the user experience is high, is bound to site traffic, conversion rate will be significantly improved.

analysis of the status quo: the content of current search engine, is very rampant. When visitors are retrieved, the content is mostly useless.

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