The three important periods of Web site keywords ranking

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said the keywords ranking presumably there will be a lot of people may ask: what is the keyword ranking in early and medium-term? In fact to judge a keyword is in the early or in the middle, is completely depends on your target keywords, whether to enter the top twenty love Shanghai. If in the top twenty, then congratulations, you have entered the middle ranking keywords. If you do not enter the top twenty, do not be discouraged. We only need the corresponding strategies to optimize the operation can be

Henan Shanghai dragon believe that every webmaster friends have a common idea, let your words have a good ranking in the love of Shanghai. But often have time to backfire, very distressed is, pay and harvest a large gap, write every day, do the chain, but the timing: insist for a long time optimization for a long time ranking is still not improved, and not what good results. In a word: "the wrong direction, efforts". The snail that if we encountered or to think from their own to find problems, at this time, how are you in the optimization, and the optimization method of you is correct, if your method is not correct, no matter how you try, just wasting time. Just just proved wrong to waste this sentence. The snail think we optimize your site at the same time only know your web site keywords in which period in which stage, then we make corresponding strategies to optimize so it will be easier. The crap below by Henan Shanghai dragon for you on the keywords ranking which is divided into three periods, and respectively in these three periods: what we need to do

keyword ranking


1. there is a keyword ranking stage of what we need to do

2. station and >

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site content updates and the high quality of the chain, the content is updated every day, the timing of the publication of the original article. About the problem of the chain, presumably a lot of people will have some questions, because every day we are told how to send the chain, where the chain, where the chain platform, how to do outside the chain of high quality. Shanghai dragon know the importance of the chain, surely we all know a word: "content is king, the chain for the emperor". The high quality of the chain brought to the site is infinite, the reason that is infinite, because the chain is to bring lasting benefits to you. For example, a soft, many people reproduced share, reprint and sharing, and often reproduced in place is the Gao Quanzhong website. To guide the flow into the site, so as to promote the website rankings rise. The common chain of place: Sina blog, NetEase blog, 28, search, PhpWind, laggards, A5, a push, love Shanghai Post Bar… Before about the problem of the chain snail also had an article to explain: how to get a lot of high quality of the chain to Henan Shanghai dragon snail suggested we look at the

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