The method of improving effective web traffic

again: to improve the website number. For those who are not included in the web page, webmasters need to check on the page, because of external factors lead to the site was not included, or because the station optimization caused by insufficient. The main factors including space station unsafe site can not access the site; no law can’t update the spider crawling; the quality of the content page itself is not high. Station factors include: the keyword distribution is not reasonable; the site within the chain less the weight of the inside pages within the site page is low; the chain weight is not high. The webmaster should according to these factors, to optimize the web pages that have not been included, improve the site included rate, to further improve the website effective flow number.

webmaster website optimization is not only to make the website is collected, it is not only in order to make the site traffic, more important is to let the website can have effective flow, site conversion rate is high, so the website optimization objective can be realized. But often the webmaster will ignore the analysis of this effect, do not know how many sites and effective data flow. Kedeng blogger for example with their own Wikipedia site, to tell you.

: first learn to analyze website traffic. Website optimization process is not the effect analysis, analysis method is the best data. How to analysis data flow effectively, to know the total page number A website, the page number B website is collected, can really bring traffic to the site page number C. Included in the site than is =A/B, included to reach more than seventy or eighty per cent of the website is the optimization effect of the site; site of the effective flow ratio =B/C, effective flow ratio can direct response, the site’s conversion rate of flow in the end how, to let the webmaster see how the page is valid page. These data can get the webmaster tools from Google analysis, from the data to see what those pages are valid, so as to better to improve the effective flow.

: no second optimization to bring the flow of the page. That page has been included in the search engine, but did not bring effective flow to the website, webmasters will find it a waste of energy, for this page, obviously is in line with the search engine optimization standard, but with the search engine is not enough, the final target is the webmaster user, so this page for webmasters to improve the user experience. "Is the need to add a keyword, but often add keywords, will lead to excessive phenomenon, or is the site at optimization, forget the user’s thoughts, some set of keywords is the user not to search, this situation will cause the website to be included, but will not bring effective flow of website. The blogger "how can the website give users a good experience" also wrote some methods, we can refer to improve.

finally has produced the page flow: maintenance. The webmaster of the site data analysis is at least every Monday, for those who can have a straight.

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