The financial company website of Shanghai Longfeng optimize how good

as long as the site, how much the content will be repeated. Only good for competitors to understand, then.

first, is the key words

second, also need to pay attention to the content of the website

long dealing with text, or is it engaged in network promotion work, believe that for the financial company of Shanghai dragon optimization of the word is not unfamiliar. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a kind of optimization search ranking method.

third, dynamic pictures in many websites and text content is too much, too little


Guizhou high once the network to understand a lot of financial companies in the process of site publicity, will need to enrich your web site and publish some articles to promote. For most sites, if the published article and business information, and can get a lot of traffic, so it plays a very good role. But there are also many businesses make a mistake, the promotion of the article or a very good literary talent, but also enrich the content, but not be able to appear in the search page page, thus promotion effectiveness is poor. The financial company of Shanghai dragon well optimized to help to promote, how can a good financial company of Shanghai dragon

is a very important point in the Shanghai dragon, is to optimize the content on the text. Dynamic picture too much, in fact, is not helpful to increase the flow of site. Because of the dynamic picture is often interfered in the search engine, the text is really important but was a lot of neglect. Therefore, the people in the financial company of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we must pay attention to add text content.

fourth, for some competitors, often some website is also less than

must have some necessary keywords in the article, can play the role of promotion. If the keyword appears too little, so people will not be able to search quickly, naturally can not play a good role. Some businesses believe that too many key words will make the promotion seems too stiff, but if there is no keywords relative adequate, so the promotion effect is very poor. At the same time, the Guiyang River in the choice of financial red keywords, many people choose not too good. In the choice of keywords before, need good statistics and investigation, investigation of how keywords can be promoted more. If the selected keyword does not have enough value, so in the text after the release, is to increase the flow of the effect is often poor.


is not a good many website promotion, often because some of the content is not original. These non original content and content from other sites often overlap, people in the search, can not enter the corresponding site, nature will not be able to increase traffic and improve the visibility of the.

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