Some experience to Shanghai dragon ER suggested by itself

what I have talked about, the website itself rich in content, is a cornerstone of the success of the site. But the rich content not just copied from other things on the site, but also have the high quality of the original article, no matter what a site, if there is no rich content, does not have its own unique features can never become a mature and attractive website. For example, a mall, mall to what people say ah, no content can write it! You’re wrong a successful store, if you want to develop must pay attention to content updates, take into account customer comments and suggestions, of course, if necessary, industry information industry dynamics is also essential for living and they can not only enrich the content of the website, and the website will not take up too much space, Why not?

so I think to website rankings depend not only on the chain, to build the website of its contents is also essential, if you want to simply rely on the chain like the website to do is toad –

1. has been a popular online word "content is king, the chain for emperor"

is a successful website content construction is a chore.

I have to admit, I began to think I also have this misunderstanding, there is the chain enough, it can enhance the website’s ranking, but slowly I found this idea is wrong, why? My friend asked me a question, why is my chain chain thousands the other station is only a few hundred, but her ranking is better, and my website ranking but not before? I passed on my friend mentioned the site observation and the friend website analysis, I found a good ranking site link quality is quite high, and my friends stood outside the chain is most concentrated in blog comments the forum, and most portals. The chain of reference I wrote how to find and establish a chain of powerful

in Shanghai Longfeng the industry has had several years, just remember when I heard the words of the Shanghai dragon feel very strange, but slowly to her understanding and research. Do the specified keywords do before ten, let me feel the thrill of success, there is progress, but there are still many problems need to be added to the charge. Since the first successful, I think Shanghai dragon is a very interesting thing, so I told her more interested, right down to her research and analysis, summarize the experience from practice, the following is my experience summed up by practical, is not good to say welcome brick:

2. in the operation of the site must have high quality content, is the soul of the website

! fond dream! !

of course, the quality of the chain is one of the reasons. Then the content of the website, the website content better ranking is quite rich, but the internal links are quite mature in place, and my friend’s website no better than the first, lack of content is not to say, the chain has done no standard, no sense of a natural

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