Shanghai dragon is a double sword not only hurt myself

Shanghai dragon for a long time, count also has nearly 2 years of time, which also experienced confusion, confusion, no direction of the mentality of many. Yesterday a friend to chat with me, I do Shanghai dragon has been very long, who also very technical, but why I do not earn money. In fact, there is a statistical data, do Wangzhuan on the Internet, the network marketing people. The 80% is not making money. This also proves the rule of 2/8. 20% people make money, 80% people do not make money; 20% people earn money, more than 80%. We learned to use the technology, and the technology is at the level of thought, a lot of people say, you bullshit what ah. You do something practical. In fact the things the technology, you can just need to complete 5%, and 95% are at the level of thought. I can vouch for that, give me a month, I can create a 10 thousand day traffic garbage station, not my water. And these things, not to play the 1% I played for the Shanghai Dragon technology, less than 1%, the more it is thinking about how to do. If you bought a car, and used as you work with the family of transportation. Someone else is the same, used as a family with the vehicle, but he knew that a carpool information classification and information network in the back before, so that the oil fee back. Who will drive, but not everyone know how to create additional wealth for automobile. Who will Shanghai dragon, but not everyone will use the Shanghai dragon to create wealth. This is why so many people spend so much time studying in Shanghai Longfeng, learning network marketing to make money the essence of the problem. Because you do not see the essence of the problem.

see a friend questions yesterday in the forum shopping time, Shanghai dragon is going downhill, if there is any industry trend, in fact is like this, no one industry can never popular, popular is that you put this industry into full play, to pick up rubbish earn 1 million a year some people are. NPC and CPPCC there is also a person mentioned, whether to split love Shanghai, really can eat so much of the internet. Decide whether to put the PPC can only show love Shanghai second pages. At that time, Shanghai dragon is certainly a very hot industry, then at that time, once complained that he did not get confused Shanghai Longfeng, found Shanghai Longfeng trend early, when Shanghai dragon has started to go downhill.

slowly can make a thorough analysis. I slowly began to study the thoughts of others, thinking of others. What other people do. Others do, what are the benefits. Every day, look at the others of the article in the forum, to see so many people send spam articles. The link, not like some seemingly young cynic who complained about the destruction order forum. Only to study other methods. They do not mean to, but even if you say, in fact is of no use. These things are a lot of details, you put other people’s thinking, technology, grasp the details of all, plus no one else on something. You can do better than him.

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