The analysis of five Shanghai dragon ability must have



First: To observe the ability of

Shanghai dragon is a basic ability of basic work station is a must have. If your promotion funding is not enough, can only rely on the love of Shanghai, like the start empty-handed, finally rely on love Shanghai and the success of the webmaster most people is Shanghai dragon master. At present, the Shanghai dragon is education and popularization of knowledge. It is not difficult to master it, not the doorway is mainly because the method and idea is wrong, do not feel the search engine brings surprises naturally discouraged. But Shanghai dragon is the selection of keywords, inside and outside the chain, to simplify the code, understand the weight, but understanding is not enough, focusing on practice and change the idea, so webmaster should have the following five basic skills.

a lot of Shanghai dragon ER failed not because of anything else, but because it does not adhere to the. For example, a new beginning to included may take 1-2 weeks from the website, search engine trust is required at least three months later will slowly appear long tail keywords >

. communication ability


can observe the change of Shanghai dragon ER can change insight into what others don’t see, so do the Shanghai dragon ER must have passion, it can effectively implement and check their website data and search engine for website response. Observed daily flow, see webmaster statistics in traffic from search engines in which keywords, lifting the core keywords and how many pages are included on the same day. Here I also refer to everyone except about their own website to care about other sites, see the website of others have changed, which is to bring the flow of the keywords, see others to bring the chain site which is the source of traffic. Observe these things become a habit after it will become a Shanghai dragon er the most basic ability, every day is not observed but will not used.

Shanghai dragon rather than a technical marketing. How there is no good communication for peer trust, how your site will be approved by others? Although some things are on the website you can buy with money, but some things can not be bought, so Shanghai Longfeng ER must recognize the nature of their jobs, not to do things desperately don’t know how to improve the communication.

second: writing

can bring you a lot of surprise, solve a lot of problems. The higher the degree of the original text or will bring you the chain. Too many people began to feel the surprise, but in my own blog and wrote to two years later, not only found their ability to write up, the chain has accumulated certain benefits and direct contacts. So here I suggest you try to write, not only to bring Shanghai Longfeng benefits, more important is to let oneself have a clearer idea in the website operation. Because the writing ability is the most basic network ‘speaking ability.

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