Search engine optimization strategy 1 screening and reorganization of key words

with search engine optimization into the intense competition, more optimization webmaster will website how to get better rankings tend to Shanghai dragon. Why do some sites have very good rankings in search engines, and other sites but even the names are not found? What is the secret to participate? This chapter on how the site can better in the search engine to get strong competitiveness in this paper.

C: log analysis. A lot of details when the webmaster ignored, analysis log will want you to know what people want to use what kind of keywords to visit your site, of course, can also be achieved through the traffic statistics.

1, understanding. To understand how the search engines is who serve in the collection of words before, to understand the user’s search habits. Usually with a word or a short statement combination to find to find in the search at the same time things, how to better integrate into the site to optimize the user in the search habits, then won the half of the success.

B: learn from life factors. Collect user search habits, listen to the views of others, to see if they will how to search the needed content, perhaps inadvertently will appear some even you have unexpected words.

1. After full research work above, we should be able to select a part of the feasibility of the key words, the next task is to filter out the key integration. It consists of daily users commonly used.


A summary, try to remember keywords could be used under the site involved, first do not determine the screening. No matter what type of website, as far as possible to the user as a starting point, on which user groups will benefit to your website.

Keywords: selected

D: according to competitor. You see those with similar theme website, look at each other is how to write a keyword and description, so you can probably get some unexpected keywords. But don’t direct the things people are used to take over, because you do not know each other in the design of the site before the keywords were analyzed which feasibility.

first screening.

Keywords: Judge

is the first step to choose effective keywords for the website in the future the higher ranked step. So the key is how to choose? One of the most important skills is Internet users search keywords used the phrase in the search engine.


2, effective judgment. Specific keywords screening involves many factors in which. The most popular word does not necessarily fit to do, popular words may not is not good. More easily find someone else did not make things easier, also do good growth. General screening will use love Shanghai love Shanghai search index, the associated word, screened the long tailed associated words.

secondKeywords recombinant,

3 key skills.


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