Original high quality soft Wen class small shrimp

third overview: many novice write will be outlined in the soft behind the description of the contents of the article, but forget the description of the topic, in fact, the final summary last topic to describe, but I do not mind, but to guide the reader to the description, the next time you read the article, this not only to you pave the way for future articles, but also to promote your next article, the most exquisite skill is to pave the way? As a rookie class I, have summed up their



write in the soft, is to understand the "soft" word. I am a novice, before write text with "soft" words to write. Soft Wen is actually a "advertisement", you can think of a word, then how vivid the word to describe them, it might be easier for primary writers. The problem is how to find the

do not appear problem (this is to not allow yourself to turn around the topic of

The final

second content: as a central part of an article is necessary, the reader is to enjoy the process of your article, but as the beginning must be lively overview of your content, this is under the guidance of readers, but the outline should not be too perfect, keep the space that people can read the desire, if you can do you have a big success. Of course, your content is how to reflect the theme of this point, is also very necessary, after all, the "soft" is a kind of advertisement to well, write text purpose is because advertising ah.

propaganda is the second, at the end of this article through must do (for example, I now write is html4, so the next time I write is HTML5, then I will write this: professional problems for the description of HTML4 or is insufficient, please forgive readers, please master them for their own understanding to give me some shortcomings where will I make changes, I will work harder, now the times

Many novice

to do a theme: the theme is: each industry must have a different theme, it needs to think about yourself, it is best not to fake others theme, so it is difficult to find the feeling, writers need to feel to write an article, especially for a person, it is a test of the ability of writing the primary writers can learn from others, after a good article and make the comparison, find the deficiencies in the article, it can promote the progress and you can also find some problems for future writing should pay attention to. For example, I wrote an article for the professional articles, write a feeling, but was rejected, I would try to find some similar articles, comparison, look at others writing. Oh my professional knowledge is not strong, since at the time of writing I would have noticed that, although everyone have different styles, but also can draw lessons from the.

written overview of the subject (or topic, next time you have to write the works of this not only find the topic, but also their propaganda)

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