Love how to deal with the change of sea index

also, perhaps most of Shanghai fell in love the sea dragon staff index will tremble with fear, if the index quantity suddenly growth It is without rhyme or reason. we should be more vigilant, the need for timely check, because the problem is often behind the crazy growth must be related reasons, for the conventional index measurement method this list of three points:

for the love of Shanghai is to appeal to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform to appeal in writing, the complaint must be as detailed as possible to clearly describe the problem. The site index of abnormal, can use the index of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform query tools, traversing a level of some of the main sub own website domain name or directory to determine exactly which sub domain index or directory is abnormal. Each channel selection page, this page of the URL direct search in Shanghai love web search, the minimum range to locate deleted snapshot of web page, and then gives a clear body "in the complaint URL, with corresponding changes in the data. It is easy to quickly find the crux of the problem of love Shanghai staff complaints.

1, the site suffered a hacker or alert horse attacks increased the amount of Web spam;


to do the occupation of Shanghai dragon friends know the search engine index (also known as the amount collected is the basis of site traffic), occupation of Shanghai Longfeng every day watching the index data of their website, change this data as much as we focus on the stock line. The routine that love Shanghai search index fluctuations are normal, but we should not let down. However, after the change of the index fell in love with the sea wave we how to trace the cause? So I created a picture so that we intuitively see love sea change after we index approach.

search; The abnormal generated is

if everyone in Shanghai Longfeng problems encountered in the process of what I welcome to comment, this article from the original www.xuyi-longxia贵族宝贝, please keep the link address

3, the website in the short term increase of a lot of URL pages, is not taking the resources of search engines, which led to a real quality authoritative content is not the search engine gets.

Check the Robost protocol

2, there is no problem, no captured in Robost is the page is released to let love Shanghai to grab a

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