Novice website optimization is most likely some of the mistakes made by


so, our website once confirmed the title, not to change, unless it cannot but do fine, but for new sites, not to change! I stood in, because the title is not well written, and then modify the 3 Guan Jian word "making money online project", "make money online" money, "method", now every day I basically write 4-5 original articles, the love of Shanghai are not included, the spider a week also didn’t visit a

The new

site is actually one of the title of a face, the search engine spiders can recognize that face. Just as we like, we should face the people the truth, should not all put on a veil to communicate with people, the same, the title of the site is in the face of the spider, the spider as long as the first to recognize your this face, then, the next time it will remember your appearance; however, if the first day you suddenly took on a white veil, the spider may also remember you to communicate with you; but on the second day you put a black veil, the spider begins to suspect that you are not sincere; the third days you have other veil, spider simply just ignored you.

3. inside and outside the chain optimization over


Shanghai dragon is nothing more than to make your site ranking, whether veteran or rookie webmaster, we all talk about Shanghai Longfeng station site optimization, how to obtain the rank of the website and so on, but whether it is the station along the way will be more or less experienced many setbacks, the setbacks is a kind of experience, but if we are able to share their own experience about the true, then this for people is certainly a kind of wealth, please look at 4 months to share the experience of the web site optimization. The following is a personal learning Shanghai dragon mistakes 4 months to make the truth out to share with you:

2. the structure of the site should not go to war


in the site level is basically WP open source, but the couple will make such a mistake: I feel this template is not good, the template is not too good, so a website has written several articles after every five trigeminal disorder change the theme, the website is very harmful engine, engine spiders will not believe this website, so it won’t come to your website every day, and if the case is serious, the site is also easy to K station. I like this website is a typical example, now regret it!

site title change frequently caused by K

in inside and outside the chain optimization caused by site is K is a regular thing, for example, in order to make the site into a net, each write an article always put it in the chain, the other two or three articles but in Shanghai it seems that love is not within the chain of nature, is a deliberate link so, you think spider this is excessive optimization. Outside chain optimization excessive mainly embodied in the new, and wished to increase thousands of the chain, so every day fierce to add friendship, BBS signature or free blog the chain, and some even use software.

The new

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