share the experience of how to restore the K website

second, add a site outside the chain. Now from the forum to see a lot of Shanghai Longfeng staff every day busy forum to add the chain, this is a chore. But I do not, I mainly through blogs and trade.

then from March 20th onwards, I began to optimize the site work. This website has been from the original website optimization company to other enterprise personnel management and maintenance, just get backstage login accounts to update the content of the website, and no actual site management. The first day, I went to the space provider retrieve the FTP landing permission, to ensure that they have to change the page source code permissions. So I looked through the website source code, because all of the page contains a Bottom.asp file, this is the placement of illegal link files, all web pages pointing to a plurality of third party sites, these sites are a problem, so that love will be the site of the sea punishment. So I first time to delete these codes, the chain will eradicate illegal. In the following weeks, I need to do is to add the site of the original article and the website chain. This method is simple, learned Shanghai dragon all understand, but intriguing.

Network promotion work

first, say the website original article. In addition the site of the original article, I do not like the forum said the daily update and update the number of articles in a specified time, one enterprise products on the website have already uploaded, no new products, the company’s news is relatively limited, so I was every 1-2 days on the website issued an original article the content is the application of the product, and some industry news. As a result of the industry news is real-time and extensive, a news article published in the website is usually a big industry, after also in other major industry websites published, if reproduced by love Shanghai included will reduce the chance, but would be considered the acquisition station. So I add the "guide" and wrote at the end some concept of "comment" at the beginning of the article, and then publishing on the website, although not the original article, but also has its own content, increase the readability of the article, the spider is not let go. In the application of the product, I through the application of products in the online collection of articles, a simple explanation for products from the technical terms to increase the original article, increase the site’s pages included with this, can understand the situation through the collection of page query noble baby.

in March of this year I went to a company to take over the enterprise website, the company went to the enterprise website before the discovery of noble baby have included is normal, but the love of Shanghai home included only 1 pages, by viewing the home page source code, found that the site had been implanted into illegal links. The original site is love Shanghai punished, I know this job is challenging the previous technical articles from the forum only to see the K station in Shanghai after the restoration of love included, but never try to return to work, because it can restore included time for me is unknown, but fortunately there are home page, not completely by K, so I take this job.

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