Three of the most suitable for the placement of long tail keywords you do several places

site usually set in the product page or directory page. There is no exception for the enterprise stand for, here’s a look at a long tail word should appear on the page where the

?The long tail word

see the term maybe some new friends will actually strange, for example you will understand, breadcrumb navigation common form: the current position of –> home directory -> the article page. The site is very common, with almost every website.

is not only to be reasonable long tail word text, the title of the article should pay more attention on the long tail word. As for the long term the density is controlled in the range of what, I don’t think it necessary to pay attention to it. If the strict control in a range, the operation will be difficult, as long as the article in nature appear several times on the line. When the first time in the long term, can be bold show. A little may be overlooked: tag tag set, as a site must have a theme. The article also has a center. For example: an article entitled: summer what fruit to eat good article, certainly are introduced for the summer to eat fruit, then you can set the tag tag: what fruit, summer eat what to eat fruit in summer. The fact is that some long tail word.

location: the top of the page (site title, keywords, description)

enterprises only rely on several main keywords to get traffic pattern has not, in order to improve the enterprise stand flow. We must dig more long tail word, but this must be a good screening before long tail words, this I believe we are some of their own experiences. Today I will talk about how to layout the enterprise stand the long tail word

two: the article text (note that the long tail word density)

in addition to the use of H1 tags, to be mentioned here is the use of H1 tags, some people say that H1 did not label what role. I think it is to do the details of Shanghai Longfeng, apparently there is no use of H1 tags, if it is the long tail word article in the page should be set within the H1 tag, and a page.

very basic things, but sometimes the most basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon. You may not really grasp. The title of the website, keywords, description, which is crucial for Shanghai’s dragon. Perhaps you will say that writing these things is not simple? Writing site title, description should consider two aspects: Shanghai Longfeng effect, to attract users to click. When writing Site Title Best consider love Shanghai word segmentation technology, which is often ignored in many novice. For example: such a Website Title: Wuhan Shanghai dragon _ Website Optimization Website Promotion _ _ Shanghai Longfeng case analysis _ Shanghai Longfeng knowledge | Xiaoqiang Shanghai dragon, in Shanghai love segmentation technology under the action of "Wuhan Shanghai dragon optimization" this keyword can also have good rankings. So when placed in the long tail of the word.


position three: breadcrumb navigation

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