The home page Niubi three months on new technology

hot melt machine price hot melt machine brand – hot melt machine – hot melt machine model these key is user needs, the user search: hot melt machine, all want to know how to use, type, price, brand and so on, as long as our website can meet these requirements, the search engine will be able to give me very good rankings.

now most companies want to expand the site and all sites, often large and rankings do not go in the home, because the weight of the home page so a bit, often there will be a 7-8 Title keywords, keywords more weight more dispersed, more difficult to do, ignore our own advantage, we the advantage is "special", like Taobao, Jingdong is a large platform too many goods, the consumer is very difficult to make a choice, this is our chance, make a special product, reduce consumer choice time, reduce the cost of time, this is our advantage.


can love Shanghai droplist, love Shanghai love Shanghai index, know, search, love Shanghai auction assistants and so on method of mining, the more the better matching keywords, keyword matching can click to view the snapshot love Shanghai.


we can be analyzed according to the statistics of the background page click on the map of Shanghai love, through a week, a month to fine tune the user clicks, see the page is clicked by the user, those who do not click, the user clicks on the high rate of page layout in the home show, so as to promote the user clicks, PV visited a certain increase, to comply with the F type Chinese tour form, the habit is from left to right, the order from top to bottom, we can according to the layout of our website, updated with the user experience, allowing users to quickly find the content they want to find.


Methods using

three, web page layout


said the new station we are not unfamiliar, because the Internet every day in large quantities to produce new sites, so how do we do the new ranking optimization, before the new operation method is the sale of links, the mass of the chain, easy on the home page, with the passage of time, the search engine more and more intelligent, constantly updated algorithm, search engine more and more attention to the user experience, you will find the recent love Shanghai launched the spark program to support the original article, there are large quantities of site frequently love Shanghai, such as: news source on the soft platform, we will ask if we should believe that we would decide on what path to follow, a headache this problem, now I give you some experience share my own new operation.

, a website positioning

: hot melt machine

home > > mobile phone; mobile phone tutorial


breadcrumbsSuch as:

1. home design


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