Three optimization of youku贵族宝贝 movie channel problems


2011 film youku贵族宝贝 pages URL

movie website to get more search traffic, one of the most important point is to seize the new movie long tail words or more, some of the more well-known movie keywords seize the movie star, corresponding to do Shanghai Longfeng settings, and through their website resources, make the ranking of these keywords, then site traffic promotion may be more.

a good website of the Shanghai dragon URL standard actually is only one of the most basic problems, but for large sites, the URL standard may be more complicated, because it involves more classification, and if not initially set up, on which a great need the workload. URL standard based relates to the principles: a short, easy to remember, try to use static URL, dynamic parameters also pay attention to if there is only guaranteed in a dynamic parameter level in 4 layers, and meet the needs website architecture.

We take a look at the following

1, on URL standard

for the optimization of long tail keywords

movie retrieval URL link section youku贵族宝贝 in movie channel. URL 2011 movie page youku贵族宝贝 is a typical example, the following URL if we first saw estimates were a bit worried about is a phishing link to the user experience is very friendly, and we look at the page title: Youku movies – – Youku video retrieval, which is used for this the page is simple, if we take the URL specification, then a title like "2011 Youku movies – Youku Video" to give users a better experience, but also to give some search for "2011 movie" users better entrance.

such as "men in black 3" is a good American movies, the latest information is recommended in the movie youku movie channel, it should be the weight of this page is pretty good, but when we search the "men in black 3" found "Youku unexpectedly in the second page first in love Shanghai, this relatively lost this.


Hello, I am virtual son rain. For a good movie, I believe that everyone is very popular, and video sites, such as Youku, potatoes, there are a large number of users of Iqiyi, when we find movies and video will first think of these sites, these sites not only because most resources, also have a good user experience, today by chance the opportunity to think of Shanghai Longfeng view of these sites, only to find the Shanghai dragon youku贵族宝贝 do there are many places we have is worth studying place,. This is a case analysis and today I want to share with you, people feel that there are many places worth to improve its internal, of course the individual statements of a school may only see only a small part, have the wrong place please.

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