We are at the foot of Shanghai Longfeng road how to go on

transformation and change. Network marketing is the inclusion of Shanghai dragon.

after the first exposure to the Internet in Shanghai dragon concept to slowly understand various unsuspectingly, basic introductory knowledge of Shanghai Dragon technology, and then hand handle to an enterprise or individual site keywords in the blog do love Shanghai home or Google home page, there is no free lunch, continuous learning and practice; some is the webmaster for love the search engine optimization technology; some of us a humble and sincere heart.

in Shanghai dragon on the stage, although not always the protagonist, but always has a clear goal: that is, the user experience and user experience. Some webmaster friends told me that my keywords ranking up what can be done? Ranking up how stable? Every love Shanghai fine will be updated or rules constantly refresh the always on tenterhooks, webmaster tools to view the data, six said it is a fall, it will become a slave to the data, we should abandon.

days. This is many webmaster can’t step out of step with risk and business challenges. The struggle of two words for the young friends are not unfamiliar, which is not the original gun before graduation, dare to rush like walking, with the increase of age, I believe everyone will experience the hardships, and not suitable for anyone to go and take the necessary things very much, entrepreneurship is to maximize the use of their own technology, construction site, no matter front back to the chain all scored, or the formation of the team, and their intimate friends together to do a good job in every web site optimization rankings list, hold up their own one day.

who don’t want to don’t want to do just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, a lifetime of Shanghai dragon live, in fact, we need to do some serious planning for their occupation of the road, there is good planning we can better and more stable well below each step, as the saying goes, "afraid of the wrong man, I feel no choice Shanghai Longfeng fault line, is worthy of our holding practice spirit insist long-term occupation. Following a talk about how to plan our Shanghai dragon road, this will be our very worth learning lesson.

accumulate steadily. The Shanghai Dragon Technology into a bottleneck, like martial arts cheats through Ren and Du two veins, not a short duration of time can break, need more is to accumulate, accumulate steadily mentality, we should understand that many of the Shanghai dragon ER is failed in this step can not adhere to the resulting wasted, how to do the work not completed, accumulation we want to grasp all the resources? Usually contact their own weight, such as good hand reared blog, forum account, a large number of B2B good site or large favorites record, if we can integrate the update period, these will be ER as Shanghai Longfeng Nadechushou capital. I believe this accumulation is a return, a lot of resources will make it easier for us to do the job.

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