The popular keyword ranking does not pick up the reason of invalid optimization

station Alex ranking is around 1 million 200 thousand, though not high, but for a poor ranking included less, the new station can have such Alex ranking is very normal, the website traffic every day not more than 5 IP PV, although some high but almost all of my own or the company one point. We can conclude this website brush flow, after I found responsible for the maintenance of the station before the people consulted before, indeed is a useful tool for brush flow. This technique is more effective in a few years ago, but due to the recent two years, we do love Shanghai according to these keywords ranking webmaster to "tailor-made" strain algorithm, this approach has been difficult to have the effect, of course does not rule out some master developed brush ranking software that does effect. Even a few years ago, the "brush ranking" this means though quick, but only one was careful not to love Shanghai "eyes", so that the site is falling into the abyss million complex not robbed.

keyword station layout is not reasonable, the frequency is too much, the high density in the bottom of the website can see the anchor text line with the same keywords in different regions. Keywords layout techniques used properly for ranking with >


two, the content of the website, low update frequency

last week I received a single can be said to be more reckless, key words: Foshan network company, Foshan website design, is a new network company for me. The two key words in the search volume is not high, love Shanghai is only about two million, but because of Foshan’s Internet company very much, at least a few thousand, do a lot of this keyword, because we can see the love of Shanghai search results in the first twenty pages are the network company station. I don’t want to take is a tough one, a thankless task, only a few thousand dollars. After this single site that the company’s boss casually engage in some opinionated "optimization" move, get down the right site, search the title failed in the first row, I was optimized after nearly a week, ranking no improvement, only contains more than a dozen, the situation is not optimistic. Here I share the popular keyword ranking optimization is invalid, reason not up.

structure is a very important factor in ranking, website structure is not reasonable is not conducive to the spider crawling love Shanghai. There may be some difference but also structure of the site keywords ranking good site, because the chain is strong enough, enough content, but if you want to be able to reduce the workload and improve the ranking website optimization schedule, or to the structure of the site under the foot.

, a website brush flow

is currently the station love Shanghai included a number of 41, pitiful. In addition to the company website introduction and service projects, the lack of news not what the actual content. By viewing the news release time, the update frequency is very low, but not what regularity, have a short time published many articles, long time not to release the phenomenon.

three, website structure is not reasonable, the accumulation of keywords phenomenon


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