About 5 you need to pay attention to the details of the movie site optimization

search engine and content identification can not be a good film on the site, so what is the way to improve it? We can use the site map sitemap to better guide the search engine to find the content of our film, so we have to look at the Google search for example how to submit documents to the Google sitemap movie map.

by Google Webmaster Tools

two: sitemap film submitted to the search engine

is common content to find the long tail keywords, to optimize the movie site if we want to get more long tail keywords target flow accurately we need to study the film. So how do we find the hot movie of the long tail keywords? We are looking for long tail keywords can use search engine drop-down box or search for the film site, we can also use other large online video sites, such as youku贵族宝贝 or tudou. As shown below, for example we can enter a recent TV drama "sword" in the drop-down box, we can find the more popular long tail keywords.

three: to help visitors to share.

: a study of

movie to our long tail keywords relevant search from the search results page or Youku potatoes in. At the same time, we can also use the search engine to search the video platform, as shown below, in the drop-down box and search the movie name also has film of long tail keywords we need.

for us to optimize the movie site, as we all know Shanghai dragon Er, the existing search engine technology, video content is not very good recognition and capture us, one of the biggest bottlenecks in the process of the Shanghai dragon is a movie site. Then for the film site of the Shanghai dragon we need to start from what aspects? 5 simple tips details below I will share in this movie site optimization, we hope for some help in the optimization of video content.

3: once you do this, the noble baby in most cases can be very good to find and grab movie content of your page, then how are we going to see if our films have been grabbed? We can search the page using the "site:www.***贵族宝贝" in Google’s video to see the film by our index page video information.

2: submit your sitemap movie map file

map fileSince we know that

Of course, we can also find the


film of long tail keywordsOptimization of

1: the movie content to create a XML map file format, through which to better inform the search engine spiders your movie content where your video where the description information at the same time we also need to add some movies.

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