Div switching function will lead to site is not in the first place

opened by default is recommended for customers, may affect the search engine on your home page views, because I often update is to analyze dynamic company and industry. So the search engine that you do not update the page, you have been in the news and updates, plus the weight inside pages that weight increases slowly over your home page, so the resulting web site site is not the first home page.

has recently been doing the Shijiazhuang network company website maintenance work, this is a five year old station, before has not done any optimization, took over in August has been in the internal structure of the test station, find and modify a lot of things, but recently there has been a problem, the website home page site not in the first place, and the site ranking by the first home is zoned to the second page, what is so plain white rice grief, and a lot of friends in the discussion of this site in the end where the problem is. A friend reminded me that the switching function of your home page, see figure

: the first page not usually updated edition. We update the forum should appear on the front page, let the spider know home page updated daily. Some people may not have the time or regular updates, time update, no time dragged on, so it is easy to cause site in the first place.

The original

the two points above are considered the most likely effect of plain white rice website site is not the first factor, we should pay attention to every aspect in the process of doing, especially for each factor of the home page, maybe a small place to influence the direction of your age.

analysis makes some sense, the weight of home page below, on the surface of home down the right is the weight on the inside pages. And recently in various forums to see a lot of people are talking about site in the first place, so this plain white rice summarizes some, you can go to check your home page, quickly solve the problem.

second: server problems. Our server is managed, there are several failures not open, and then gradually decline in ranking, so that now the flow decreased weight also decreased significantly. So it is better to be alert to server problems. Also if you are using a virtual host to prevent other sites down the right joint of your website. Then the server or the sooner the better, more stable and better.

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