Analysis of garbage sites why this update was seriously injured

from garbage site Wangzhuan behavior, spam sites can be said by the temptation of fraud to win money, they take a lot of advertising through advertising, once the user enters the site will have a large number of pop-up ads on the desktop, so the garbage station is a kind of behavior Wangzhuan Wangzhuan behavior is not conducive to the user experience, establish this site is the use of some stations owners do, in terms of the individual owners, this site is garbage Wangzhuan Wangzhuan behavior is not desirable, damage the reputation and confidence of individual stationmaster station.

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from the site of the site of garbage time, garbage site is generally the site to set up a short time, Shanghai Longfeng optimization technique is not formal, a lot of garbage sites are short-term profit profit behavior. Recently there have been some does not conform to the rules of search engines Internet sites, they use black chain, IP, click on the index of traffic and so on irregular means for search engine rankings, and wait until the search engine is updated when the garbage site can not escape the fate of K, from individual owners benefit: the establishment of garbage sites as a real traffic ranking website, this website can be more lasting.

from garbage sites operating mode, garbage sites are attracted to attract more compulsory – – mandatory operation mode for the operation of the site, a lot of garbage site owners to use some special needs of users deliberately design on the website, users will want to see the project is set to click on the pop-up ads. Such a user click on the content they need will pop up ads, in the pop-up ads at the same time, the site will be transformed into spam pages, and users need to appear, this cycle, until the user found this site no information needed by the user can close the site, and the site is rubbish from a IP win to what he needs.

garbage sites were badly injured in the several love Shanghai adjustment process, most of the garbage sites are in love with altitude hair, garbage site classification has many kinds of pure garbage sites, advertising a horse kind of garbage site, flow of garbage sites and so on, this garbage site has a common: to obtain benefits through popularity. A lot of garbage sites are on the Internet, and they often play a role is the negative role, the author analyze the essence of Wangzhuan garbage sites.

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site to see the special status of garbage, garbage site is on the needs of users as the starting point, through the user needs to drive the development of the website, and a lot of garbage site information is false information, a lot of pop ads filled the site content in this site, a three to five clicks can cause the user for a long time, loss of flow, so the garbage site is not reliable. And really want to get the user’s support, the real access to the user’s needs efforts, so we must change the landfill site operation, truly starting from the user.

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