Amoy a few months experience analysis on the long tail line

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with half doubt try washing station. The process is very interesting people. For almost two months before the beginning of the order, the previous time with the idea of trying to make a station. How to locate the Tao long tail word? First look at the next screenshot statistics can be seen: now more and more users search love with questions asked tone, the product, price, product function, model and so on. We can according to user search habits search keywords. But imagine that so many Taobao products. Although many popular basic people do. But so many long tail word there is no way to do. And the long tail word bring very good target customers. Do this search over customers are interested in the product, the conversion rate will be relatively high. On the other hand。 Now the weight of the search engine to the site home page is relatively high. Some products may also bring home station don’t put these long tail word. So we take the home page to do the long tail is an advantage. Although it may be less. But the site is a site can be replicated successfully. You can copy a number of similar sites out.

We all know that analysis of the long tail word AmoyThe author is


data of Taobao products, plus Chinese broad and profound words, this also to the majority of the grassroots webmaster created a lot of opportunities. First, we all know now do business more Taobao customers. The guest stood more according to incomplete statistics, there are millions of standing to do, but many owners are not very recognized. Generally feel that this is not reliable, not to try to do. Because everyone that ideas are, so many people do. The competition is too big, I am how can the novice or scholarship for several months to share? The idea is very normal, but in turn, imagine. So many Taobao products, combined with so many Chinese words, and different users search product combinations of words are not the same. So this is why the Tao do die and getting better. One of the reasons (personal opinion). Statistics pointed out that with the development of the Internet today, Internet search products to the long tail of the trend is not rising. This is for us to provide a broad market.

With the rapid development of Taobao

industry analysis:

customer CPS model, Taobao’s Ali mother Chinese is also known as the reputation of the best drama development alliance CPS, according to reports, the average daily pay 2 million mom RMB commission to partner, which is mostly from the grassroots webmaster. Today with my own months of experience to share with you the next guest.

with the price rise, group purchase and return.

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