Analysis of the transformation and transformation of resistance website channel model

The channel model of

transformation and optimization analysis of flow channel skills" secret nobility baby in Analytics website icon (8.2.2 – shape channel in Figure 8.4, page:134), I redraw the basic graphics, maintaining the consistency of the shape. Just remove the dotted line, because different types of websites, define the target transformation, in order to avoid thinking frame, there is no draw. Graph transformation model has the following several kinds: approximately

channel D: this channel also looks good, but there is a unknown traffic way increase cannot be predicted and targeted improvement. Show that the definition of channel is unknown, transformation is the initial part of the traffic, or halfway, it is difficult to confirm.

channel: E is very bad, most visitors are in the initial access path loss, that we have a serious problem in front of the channel.

site conversion resistance

website conversion channel model and transformation of resistance

conversion channel model, the main factors of a brief analysis of the possible.

B: is the most channel conversion channel, said flow gradually lose, the last process is very smooth the success of transformation, no loss.

A said: channel 100% conversion rate, conversion of the target page all the traffic all successfully meet the definition of. The ideal channel this is not possible in real. A process may only appear in the whole channel in.

Analysis of the


C said: the channel segments are uniform with a few visitors loss is quite optimistic model, most enterprises want to optimize model.

for the B channel model, the transformation resistance may in the case of invalid traffic into too much, or key inflection point in the transformation from the target back in a part of the problem.

A for the first channel, this ideal situation will happen at what time? This channel condition is the visitor’s purpose is very clear, the enterprise website does not need redundant information, the enterprise website visitors know what is, directly over the orders, some monopoly commodity is conditional the. For the conversion of resistance this situation mainly is the entrance flow, the optimization direction should be how to enlarge the entrance flow. The possible factor is brand awareness, customer groups for accurate advertising coverage, pay attention to if accurate advertising coverage, because if we do not do (in fact, we can not do) accurate, it means that there will be invalid flow was introduced into the invalid flow will be left, after the channel not as wide, but gradually reduced. May have some kind of channel deformation is BCE.

According to the above


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