Speed measuring instrument hazards of improper selection of website optimization server


This thought is the

with IP and the dragon shaped open, most of the sites appeared right down, and the site is the same case shape, the weight of the website is zero, keywords ranking also to hundreds of meters away, even some sites are not even a snapshot. In order to test this is by accident or with the IP website implicated by the dragon, through the analysis of historical rankings on these sites, these sites are all more or less before some of the words in Shanghai love rankings, if it is not so much the chance? So this verified dragon originally conceived, that is the site of the same IP appeared right down, leading to other sites have also been implicated. The soil nutrient dragon tacheometer site itself is to do rankings, at that time in order to save the record of trouble to choose Hongkong’s host, the host itself has 96 sites, each site’s content is also different. Did not think now because of this problem, the efforts are cast to the wind, I regret not seriously in the choice of server.

?Found that the site detection of

webmaster tools were wrong, one by one in Shanghai in search keywords, find the first ten pages were missing website traces. So the Dragon began to travel down the right reasons and reflection website: website recently without what changes, the article also is their own artificial writing, no Links exchange website, the chain also is rarely released, website snapshot update within the industry is also normal, the site does not suffered hacker tools. The site itself does not take over the cheating, why would such a serious drop right? Then dragon carefully examined the site, did not find the station dead links, keyword density is less than 4%, the website status code is normal, by analyzing the web log found every day spiders also are normal crawling. When the dragon is helpless, my mind suddenly thought of a problem, will not be the same server of the website appeared right down, then in my website

because of this matter, also let the Dragon realized a problem, site optimization itself is a broad-based effort, if there is one aspect of the problem, and then it will cause the whole site problem. This requires the webmaster in the optimization process, the site itself, is not only the user experience and website content quality attention, also need to be associated with the site, such as the choice of the domain name, server selection, network >


recently dragon has been involved in optimization of fast measuring instrument website of agriculture, mainly on soil nutrient tacheometer, agricultural residue detector etc. keywords ranking to improve, these words are originally belonging to popular industry, it should be optimized without much difficulty. After this half of the web site keywords, ranking also rose steadily, especially the soil nutrient tacheometer the word quickly into the home, today opened the No. 12 ranking in Webmaster Tools detection discovery site is down right, some keywords ranking to hundreds of meters away, as shown in figure

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