Shanghai Longfeng optimization process often overlooked details

1, link to die

concluded that the above three points are often overlooked details of Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, Shanghai Dragon technology more please pay attention to our official blog.

company to build a website, will take WWW and WWW domain name resolves to a IP. This is the user with WWW and without www. In an interview at the same page. For search engines, the two links to a page at the same time, the weight of the domain name undoubtedly scattered. This is our website optimization Shanghai dragon ER can not tolerate. So to do a 301 redirect, and 301 of the station, allowing the user to access path without www automatically jump to the path with the WWW.

2, the weight of theMany webmaster or site

a lot of new Shanghai dragon ER in website optimization process, often ignore some of the details, it is because these details are not dealt with properly, resulting in no ranking site for two or three months. In the long-term practice, I summed up the following three points:

by DC motor 贵族宝贝xingyangdianji贵族宝贝, reproduced please keep the source.

in the role of the chain extension of user needs, and guide the user to read, and then increase the coupling site. The main role within the chain cover list page and the content page on the website of the. Many websites use due to the site of the company procedures, including the construction of the chain is extremely unreasonable. There is no common situation in the content page related articles recommendation list page without the latest articles, the hottest article recommend these can guide users to click on the settings. In addition, many Shanghai dragon ER in internal chain used, add a page to the home page anchor text, it is not necessary, but it will be due to excessive optimization and love Shanghai punishment.

3, the chain construction

is an invalid path dead link. If the dead link is not processed, so when the user visits the dead link, the website will display the default error page to the user, this page is called page 404. Without the default 404 page settings for the user is not friendly, will greatly increase the bounce rate of users. Therefore, it is necessary for us to set up a website for the 404 page, the page is the function of the user guide back to our website. After 404 pages of user experience, we also notice that the search engine, please don’t grab the dead links page. Shield dead link is set in the robots.txt file.

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